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    The questions women ask

    She's 81. She got a nap and all is good
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    The questions women ask

    Now she's saying it was a black cat.
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    The questions women ask

    Told her there were cat tracks on my truck this morning. She ask was it that gray cat? Me "what gray cat?" Her " that gray cat you saw out there last year" Me"I couldn't tell from the tracks" Now she's mad at me for being a smart a**
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    Binocular question.

    I had the nikons. Too hard and time consuming to uee
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    Variability of older buck sightings, mornings versus evenings

    Well if I am in a stand with a gun, they are nowhere to be seen. I am out walking the dog or going to the grocery store, they are everywhere
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    Sighting in a rifle, somethings wrong.

    Stock bolts tight? Barrel clean? Barrel cooled between shots? Trigger smooth? What brand of gun? Age of gun? Lots of variables
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    All you big time coyote hunters

    This was the 3rd one in the last week. I am seeing about as many coyotes as I am deer. We used to be way overpopulated with deer. I found a few dead ones before season opened and got some pics of some really pitiful looking deer. I have heard the least amount of shooting this year that I can...
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    Deer hunting in the " Old Days "

    I'm afraid it is. 10 years ago it wasn't unusual to see 40- 50 deer a day. I haven't seen 10 in the last 10days
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    All you big time coyote hunters

    35 whelen is a bit much but dead is dead. Came by my deer stand before good daylight this morning
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    Tractor falls in sinkhole

    Well I tried but could not find any more info
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    Buzzard kill?

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    How no private land almost killed the Pilgrims

    Those who forget the past.........
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    Cold weather hunting?

    One of the biggest deer I've shot had frost on his antlers
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    Virginia antlered doe

    No she's dead. Lol
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    Would you hunt with a muzzle brake installed?

    I had a ruger frontier in 300 wsm with a 16.5" barrel and a muzzle brake. I wondered why the guy was selling it so cheap, now I know.
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    Summit Chairpack 2.5

    After reading the reviews, I'll pass
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    Odd one

    That's an old deer!
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    Odd one

    I have never seen it before
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    Gross joke.

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    Odd one

    This is on a polluted creek. My dad killed 2 non typicals in that same area

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