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  1. Chickencoop96

    Filming hunt

    Ok, I've been debating doing this for a couple years but I'm wanting to film a hunt either during what's left of this season or start fresh next season. this hunt is pretty specific and unique, but I don't know where to start on equipment? any advice on mics, cameras, stands, etc? I know I don't...
  2. Chickencoop96

    Meat in the freezer

    He ain't no biggun, but he made my day and he will fill my freezer. God is good! Hopefully i can go after a trophy now! Lol.
  3. Chickencoop96

    Southern West Virginia

    Does, or has, anyone hunt/hunted up in southern west virginia at all? I've always thought about trying it out but not sure how it is up there vs. here. I've been looking into hunting out of state for next season. just trying to get some insights.
  4. Chickencoop96

    Deer/ Squirrel Rifle

    So I have seen a few Traditional Muzzleloaders in 40 caliber, but not many. I have a Pedersoli in 40 cal. I'm curious if it's a good caliber for deer and squirrel? what do y 'all think? Also Looking into building a Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle for this purpose.
  5. Chickencoop96

    Dead doe at Foothills WMA

    I came across this in the parking lot on Allegheny Loop rd. Some people i swear..
  6. Chickencoop96

    Backcountry pack

    I am Looking into different Hunting packs for the backcountry, Ya'll have any suggestions for a pack that I can hike in, quarter a deer and pack it back out with?
  7. Chickencoop96

    First deer hunt on Foothills WMA

    So, on opening day of MZ I went up to Foothills to poke around and get an idea of the place. It was Rough country for sure but it was interesting to say the least. pretty place too. Spooked a buck walking in, but couldn't get a clear shot. I hiked my butt off up there and found a couple of deer...
  8. Chickencoop96

    It needs a name.

    So i picked up my Mauser from Jimmie Wilson down in Cleveland TN, i have to say i like his work. I put put a scope on her, Then i made a hillbilly cheek riser. I Then wrapped the barrel to match lol. It may not be the prettiest but i have decided that it needs a name. Any suggestions?
  9. Chickencoop96

    how much grain?

    I usually shoot 100 grains of goex out of my TC Hawken 50. is that a bit much? someone was telling me a while back that usually a load should only be about 70-80 grains.
  10. Chickencoop96

    Another homemade sling

    Well i made this one out of an old belt and a little bit of paracord i had laying around. Lol boredom meets inginuity again lmao. I honestly like it.
  11. Chickencoop96

    Fizzle Pan story

    To add to hunting from the ground. back when I was about 13/14 I was just beginning to cut my teeth on deer hunting. Between my Dad, both Grandads, and my late Uncle Garrett Litton, I had it pretty good as far as deer wisdom. I had just got my first Muzzleloader from grandad, and it was a...
  12. Chickencoop96

    Foothills WMA.

    Anyone frequently hunt this area? If so what are your thoughts on it? I live 20 minutes from it but haven't really spent enough time on it to make an assesment. Beautiful area but fresh sign seemed a bit scarce.
  13. Chickencoop96

    Bent Barrel

    I recently brought an old mauser rifle to my gunsmith to have it re crowned and drilled and tapped for a scope, but he called me last night to inform me that when he put it in the fixture he noticed the barrel was bent. So looks like i will be having a new barrel put on. I think who ever had it...
  14. Chickencoop96

    Quarters work

    Some if yall probably already knew this method but i had never used quarters before to call in squirrels until yesterday. This one literally came out of the top of a tree and posted up 15 yards in front of me after i used the quarters to mimic the cutting sound they make.
  15. Chickencoop96

    Buck sign on south cherokee

    So, a couple weeks back I decided to finally trample around in South Cherokee just to get an idea of the place, and I stumbled upon a surprising (to me) amount of what looked like buck sign (and some doe) along one ridgeline. there were a couple of decent rubs, a couple of fresh droppings (buck...
  16. Chickencoop96

    Sold/Expired Cimarron SAA 45LC/ holster

    . Looking to sell or trade for a semi auto pistol or something more practical for concealed carry. I have only put about 60 rounds through it. i Bought it to start doing Cowboy action Shooting but never did. Not in a hurry to sell but would just like to see whats out there. practically brand...
  17. Chickencoop96

    Compound bow

    Ive had this bow for a couple of years and have done nothing with it and don't plan on doing anything with it since i already have a few other bows. Was gonna let my wife hunt with it but she shoots left handed. Pm me if interested. dont really want it taking up my closet space anymore lol
  18. Chickencoop96

    in search of a rifle scope

    I have an old Mauser action 7x57 mm that I had drilled and tapped for a scope. I'm not looking for the biggest baddest optic out there but something that'll do just fine around 100 - 150 yards. I don't typically shoot further than that any way. any suggestions?
  19. Chickencoop96

    Side by sides

    anyone on here still shoot side by side doubles? I've always loved a side by side shotgun. i dont know who or how many are still being made these days.
  20. Chickencoop96

    Homemade sling/lever wrap

    I did some redneckery to my Squirrel Gun and i actually think it turned out well! Better than buying a sling for sure.

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