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  1. Realtree56

    East tn rut

    Blount County, I always see chasing here the last week of November/ 1st week of December
  2. Realtree56

    Anyone else hunt in unit CWD but live outside it?

    Just curious of other peoples experience…. Live in East Tn but have been heading west Several weekends a year to prep/hunt for almost 20 years. My county out there just got added to the high risk list… we killed a couple last weekend, waiting on testing before eating…. Just curious how it’s been...
  3. Realtree56

    Looking for 2022 Lease (Reply here what you are looking for)

    Looking for Decatur County or SW Perry County (near 412 bridge) . 2-3 people… more worried about quality habitat and deer density than acreage. $1500ish or less. Very responsible hunters with referrals available.
  4. Realtree56

    For Sale .22 revolver, two cylinders for 22lr, shorts, cbs and 22mag

    If still available and has the 22 mag cylinder I’ll buy it this evening
  5. Realtree56

    Spartan GoCam

    Yeah a year into it, I love the cell cam deal… I’ve added a few stealth cams… the Spartan has amazing battery life running lithium’s and definitely sends way better pictures…. I actually like stealth cam’s app a lot better, and they have cheaper data options so pros and cons both ways
  6. Realtree56

    Hunting in a CWD world

    How long does it typically take to get results? I’m in East Tn but hunt in Henderson county some, my game plan for now is debone them out there (pretty much did that anyway except the shoulders) freeze it when I get home and wait on a negative test before grinding or consuming any of it.
  7. Realtree56

    Hunting in a CWD world

    What are you using for a grate in your cooler
  8. Realtree56

    Public Hunting Load-out

    Seems to be an awful lot of spot and stalkers at oak ridge every time I get drawn, they spot other hunters and stalk right in front of them without eye contact, or my favorites are the ones that stroll up and ask if you’ve seen anything… really?
  9. Realtree56

    Velvet Hunt

    I’m going to give it a go, really don’t want to though…. But one of my primary properties goes on the market in early September, kinda figure the velvet hunt will be my last time hunting it
  10. Realtree56

    Quota hunts

    Nov 6-7 oak ridge archery for me… let’s just hope it doesn’t get canceled again this year
  11. Realtree56

    TN Quota hunts

    Unbelievable it’s gonna take over 2 weeks to get out the results of a computer generated draw… they should’ve been out Monday morning after the deadline
  12. Realtree56

    TVA land question

    Definitely no buildings around, dams a decent ways off, and isn’t touched by this property. how do I go about finding a number for the recreation/watershed group if you don’t mind me asking
  13. Realtree56

    TVA land question

    I’ve hunted a lot of the TVA land near me but wanted to check out a new section today... I walked it and liked it enough to give it a go soon but here’s what I’m trying to figure out... don’t have a boat to access it but I can park in a designated safety zone that adjoins... is it legal to carry...
  14. Realtree56

    what is your rut predictions for east TN

    I live in western Blount county I have seen chasing over the years anywhere from November 14 til December 5.... not a trickle, I usually see intense activity for a few days and that’s it but it can be anywhere in that nearly month long period in a given year... makes it very frustrating to...
  15. Realtree56

    Saturday Morning 10 pt.

    Good’un... congrats!
  16. Realtree56

    Spartan GoCam

    So if your plan fills up before a month ends you can upgrade right then?
  17. Realtree56

    Spartan GoCam

    Wifey just completely surprised me with a spartan gocam for my birthday... anyone run these? What data plans do y’all use? And what is photo quality like
  18. Realtree56

    Finished off with a double beam buck!

    Congrats, that’s a dandy!
  19. Realtree56

    Muzzleload tomorrow...

    Hunting a scrape line in Blount county, wind will be perfect
  20. Realtree56

    Rubs and Scrape's

    Found 8-10 scrapes and one good rub within a 200 yard stretch on a logging road in East Tn the other day, really looking forward to this weekend hope the temps don’t booger em up too much

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