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    Tipi Camp

    Hope to get to take this to LBL this year for my deer camp.
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    Anyone favor a particular WMA over another and why?
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    Rock Lock Hunters?

    Any flintlock hunters here in this forum?
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    Laminating rubber jaws

    Don't take this as the Gospel, but there were some law changes that may have been to allow the use of laminate jaws in place of rubber? To answer your question, I would think you would be able to laminate those without alot of trouble. They will look like a real big offset without pads, so a...
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    Just got sniffed out by a 4 point...dang wind is swirling around in here now.
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    Within a mile or two.
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    Just passed on four miniature does....hittin the persimons
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    Good deer killin weather this AM.....havent seen any yet.
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    Could have?
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    I live close to the quarry. Yes it gets full of hunters. I can sometimes hear all the camp BS at night from my
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    Another Yahnali thread. Please read!

    I heard cheeks bend was a possibility at one time.
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    Sounds like most every place on Yahnali....LOL.
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    Who's ready to go after em this morning!

    No luck this AM....sure was a little more windy than I expected. Kinda disappointed.....nice rub lines all in where I was. Maybe better luck next time I go there? Got another spot to try in the AM....we'll see.
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    Double kill video

    Looks like somebody is on the deer...LOL! :)
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    Anyone else hunting Yahnali? Got one so far but been kinda slow since.
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    Attention Yahnali Hunters

    I am gonna start going to some of those out of the way places too catman. There is a camping area off hwy 50 east that was loaded with hunters. Good luck and be safe! :)
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    Attention Yahnali Hunters

    Yea they do. They will all go to Florida til this is over....LOL! Seriously.. alot will go totally nocturnal eventually. The rut will still be a good time I believe but it will slow way down a little after Thanksgiving. This is just an example of what happens when people can no longer...
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    Attention Yahnali Hunters

    Just a heads up to those hunting Yahnali. Be very careful!! There are what seems to be an overabundance of hunters this year. I had to leave my spot after hearing bullets ricochet through the trees over my head opening day. Had 4 people after daylight pass within 50 yards of me. I live in the...
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    yanahli 7pt down

    Congrats! Nice buck for Yanahli.Was he chasing or by himself?

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