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    TWRA changes to 1 year from purchase date

    Just saw where starting next year licenses are good for 1 year from date of purchase. this is already posted please delete. Really like this change.
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    Got an unexpected prescribed burn

    This afternoon I was on a phone call meeting and sitting in the camper on my property and I see out of the corner some white smoke rolling through. I thought who the heck is burning on this windy day. I turned and looked and it appeared close by. Still in my meeting, I jump in the truck and...
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    Finding a septic tank

    I've been trying to figure out where my septic tank is located in the yard. I found where the pipe is in the basement and have dug close to the area pretty far down. Also I took a rod and put it in the ground several places looking. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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    Gulf Shores and glad to be back

    We went down last Wednesday and left Sunday from gulf shores in or camper. From Wednesday to Saturday am the wife and I slept maybe 10-12 hours due to every night early am we got horrendous lighting, thunder and rain. We ate out wed and thurs afternoons and Friday and Saturday were lunch because...
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    Gulf shores food- anything changed since last post?

    We're headed to gulf shores area in the camper for the first time a week and a half out.. I've read this thread and wrote down what are the ones mentioned, any updates to this recently is greatly appreciated. We like good seafood that's...
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    War on the yotes has started

    For the first time ever my dog that stays outside during the day that I bring in each night got attacked about 9 tonight. We heard a commotion and I ran out to see her flipping and three after her. She inside an invisible fence and ran them off and she ran on the porch. Her neck was wet and you...
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    Home renovation North Hamilton Cty

    I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for home remodels around the north Hamilton County area (Birchwood). We're between Dayton and Cleveland TN. About an hour north of Chattanooga. We're looking to add a bedroom, redo/extend kitchen and dining renovate the front porchand make a better deck.
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    Possibly adding an acre

    Long story short my cousin told dad that she wants to sell her 1 acre that was parted out of the original 45 that I got 44 of. When we've visited since then she said it'll be in the will for us to get back. She lives in upper east TN and we are lower. I called her and she said 7500. I was like...
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    Sous vide in the instant pot

    I’ve been watching all you using the method and my wife got a instant pot for Christmas. Being as it’s rainy and can’t grill I told her we’re going to use the sous vide mode on this steak tonight. I didn’t get big ol steaks cause we are going to use it in salads tonight. Well I’m sold. The...
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    Got new rod....for a while

    Decided to run after work and fish from the bank to try out a few new crappie rods from southern crappie rods after reading some reviews. Picked up a 5’6, 8’9, and a 10’2. Well it was a nice evening that started slow but heated up. I took the 8 ft one with me and caught 10 in about 30 minutes...
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    Bank fishing bass

    Went out to try a few new crappie lures. Was trying float and fly with a pink and chartreuse hair jig. Got this one and one yellow bass. A guy pulls up and let me know crappie were being caught but the weather shut em down.
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    Doe'd out

    Well I may get flamed but I doe'd out today. I hunted yesterday and the fog killed me. For the last 2 weeks I've had 2 bucks that walk through I can watch and it's been clock work. One comes through and walks the fence line and the other walks around the opposite way around the tip of the hill...
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    Got doe back- adding fat suggestion

    I got my deer back I killed last week. I tried a new place out in sale creek and they appear to have done a good job. In the past I got back my venison and pork or beef fat was added which made it go farther. This time it's pure ground venison and I'm not sure how the family will like it and was...
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    First of the season-doe- update with pic

    Shot my first of the season just now. It’s was a great morning to hunt. This is my first deer since our tree harvest but took this one within 50 yds of my previous ones I’ve shot on my land. When I got in my climber and once situated about 10 minutes later when it was still dark I heard this...
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    Installing fish finder on job boat

    I’m getting a new fish finder for Christmas. I was hoping to get ideas for mounting it in the jon boat I just got. It’s a garmin 7 inch unit and was looking for some ideas. I plan on using it at the stern as it’s a tiller motor and I’m changing out the trolling motor to my minn Kota power drive...
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    Antlerless limit

    In in unit a and on antlerless for archery it’s 4 during the segment. Not that it’ll happen but 4 does could be shot the same day.
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    Meateater on Youtube-Back to the beginning

    I know some of you all enjoy watching Steve Rinella and the Meateater show. On YouTube they are starting from season 1 episode 1 and adding a new rerun every couple days. I think they are up to season 1 episode 4. I always enjoyed the older ones and when Netflix got it it didn’t have them. The...
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    Congratulations Rsimms on your writing award

    I know Mr. Simms is out duck hunting but I saw on the local news he got a couple awards for one of his articles. Congratulations sir and I always enjoy reading your writings. ... rd-winners
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    Picked up the new to me boat

    Went this morning and picked up the boat to start working on getting it cleaned up and up to date on maintenance. Nothing fancy but just a good ol reliable one. It's a seark 1648 with a 25 hp Johnson. I bought it from my father in law and is 15 years old and has less than 20 hours on it.
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    Boat that's been sitting

    I've worked out a deal and will be getting a 15 year old seark 1648 with a 25 evinrude. The guy that had it only took it out a few times after getting it new and maybe put about 20 hours on it. The boat was kept in the garage until 3 years ago and hasn't been ran in probably 8 to 10 years. When...

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