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    Old muzzleloaders

    Looking for old side lock muzzleloaders ( Not Inlines )Located in Ardmore TNMay have trade itemsPm me with info.
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    T/C omega stock.

    My father in law recently passed and left me his 50cal Omega z5I'd like to hunt with it but it has a RH thumb hole stock and I am a lefty.Like to buy a non thumb hole stock. Would buy whole gun to get stock if need be.Located in Ardmore TN
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    Lyman 54 cal

    Layman 54cal percussion in excellent condition with box. $500 or possible trades.
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    First pull

    Nothing special but glad to have the pic.I haven’t ran my cams like I typically do and on my first pull of 2 cans I had nothing but doe and the same little spikeWas relieved to have at least one racked buck on cam
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    Oneida Phoenix

    Anyone here shoot the lever bows?
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    No fall turkey?

    It’s been awhile so I just wanted to make sure I was reading the regulations correctlyWe are no longer allowed a fall turkey during archery season in Lincoln county?
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    Anyone heard from Robin?
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Left hand compound

    Interested in buying a newer bow that’s at least 34” or longer A2A 60-70lbs and must go up to 31” draw examples would beMathews traverse Elite ritual 35 Bowtech BT MAG x
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    Aging a deer

    I know some guys look at teeth wear but I’d like to get a definite ageI have heard you can send a tooth off to get the correct age but I am not familiar with this process. if someone is I’d appreciate the details on how to go about it.
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    Fingers crossed “UPDATED”

    On a random sit last week. I saw what was with out question a mature buck. He was 150 yards or so from me crossing in a hard wood thicket.I had just enough time to get my binoculars on him, His rack stood out as Unusual, I tried to recall tomemory the bucks I have had on cam this year and he...
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    Before and after

    I am always amazed at how much bigger they look in took this one I had pics of this week.
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    Any shooters?

    Any shooters in the bunch? Some ore multiple pics of same to hear thoughts on ages too.
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    Slow year

    No shortage on young bucks but this is a slow year for old bucks (4.5+)I call this one Biden because his rack is crooked! LolHe is the Oldest buck I have had on cam this year.
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    FYI on KY WMA

    Just in case anyone is considering hunting Peabody WMA.I’d suggest to look elsewhere.I just there 5 days this week.While I did enjoy the trip and seeing new country Doubt I’ll ever hunt it again.I am sure there’s some good bucks in there but I see as many deer in TN in one day as I...
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    Sold/Expired LH BOW SIGHT

    Sure loc lethal weapon. Retails for $399( academy sports online description) Take aim with the SURE-LOC Lethal Weapon 5-Pin Sight with Retina Lock. This hunting sight features Retina Lock technology, 5-axis micro adjustability in 0.002" increments for elevation and windage and five 0.019"...
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    Sold/Expired WTB- LH compound.

    Looking for a LH compound with 30” draw.
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    2004 pse Bruin

    Anyone got an info on a 2004 pse Bruin. It was recently given to me.I know it’s old but bow is in excellent condition.I can’t find the particular cam It has online. Trying to figure out how and what’s need to change draw length.
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    Kentucky hunters

    I was planning to hunt some public land in Kentucky for the first time this year3 of us already have a rental home booked for the week we as coming.I was just told Kentucky is not selling non resident hunting license this year.I found out this was true fro turkey season but is it also...
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    Sold/Expired WTB old ford truck

    1964 Thur 1972 OnlyMust be Drivable. Budget is $5000
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    Sold/Expired LH traditional bows ( sold )

    LH Bear Montana [email protected] $300 shipped and insuredLH Bear mag takedown B riser with #3 limbs [email protected] $575 Shipped and insured.

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