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    What's in the name?

    I really enjoyed reading Patrick McManus stories as a kid (actually I still enjoy them). Rancid Crabtree is a Patrick McManus character that I admire and one that I'm sure many of you are probably familiar with.
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    Mail slowdown is starting Oct 1.

    I really like our mail lady. I think she works her tail off. I give her fresh eggs weekly and a christmas card every year with gift cards. I can tell her work load has increased exponentially the past few years.
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    My “break”.. My “drama”.. My “opportunity”

    Just now seeing this after reading a different post today saying you were leaving. Dadgummit. This forum will be less without your input.
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    Couple things...

    About 9 or 10 years ago I was traveling in the Johnson City area when we heard on the radio that the body of a TN veteran and combat casualty was being brought home that day and would be escorted by the motorcycle group that often provides military funeral with escorts (and security when needed)...
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    the word that we will never forget

    Don't lose hope Chuck.My great grandparents and grandparents made it through WW1, the great depression and WW2. People are stronger than you think and so are you if you're truly tested.My Dad always said to me "This too shall pass" every time I found myself in doubt and losing hope in...
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    Anyone still using cash?

    I try to use cash occasionally. In the grand scheme of things I know my actions won't make a difference but I don't want to see our society go to completely digital transactions so I carry a hundo or so and pay cash every now and then.
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    Hot Girls for Age

    Heather Thomas from the Fall Guy era
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    Oil for a knife question

    graphite powder used to free up locks might work. it can be messy on your hands but once it's in there it should keep it slick, a little goes a long way...
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    Gonna Be a Hot One.

    Smart man, good post
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    Double Bearded Gobbler

    Super bird! Congrats man!
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    Prayers Still Needed - My Dad Passed

    Saying a prayer for your family. There’s an image of Jesus, a painting, where he’s touching his heart with one hand and his other hand is raised as if he is offering a blessing. I believe the image represents the notion of “Jesus I trust in you.” I think of that notion often. Praying for you...
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    Nice Wilson county 8 point

    Great pic! Nice buck!
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    I argue all the time that our country is not as racist as leftists make it out to be and then I read stuff like this. What in the hell does the guy's color have to do with buying bats? I coach little league, I buy bats when they are on sale in the off season...gah we can't seem to move...
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    It’s on boys

    Hope y’all are pulling the trigger more than you’re flipping bacon.With all the prep you guys deserve a good opener.
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    Aedc Gobbler

    Those spurs ain’t no joke! Congrats on a goodun.
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    Summer dogs

    Re: Summer dogsI always enjoy your pics slim. Clearly you know how to put them down! Good work.
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    Keep your truck windows closed

    Re: Keep your truck windows closedYep, somebody messin with you. Just so happen to die laying on that amp that gets hot? I don’t think so...but maybe I’m just cynical.
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    Wet Winter????

    April 31st huh? Hedging that bet, as my pap might say...

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