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    After all of the years, I now live in TN!

    Welcome to The Promised Lane!
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    Hickman County 9 point

    Got some great Masson that big boy.
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    Looking for opinions on season date changes

    Just wondering where you get your figures on “Muzzleloaders wound and lose more deer than all other weapons combined”? I kill one or two every year with a muzzleloader and so far have not lost one I shot at.
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    Looking for opinions on season date changes

    You hit the nail on the head. Well stated Catman.
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    Looking for opinions on season date changes

    Like Chris 1976 wrote-100% same for me.
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    Training squirrel dogs

    What did you end up getting?
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    Meat in the freezer

    Most important thing is that you are happy with the deer-it will eat good.
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    Tagged A Buck!!

    Nothing wrong with that buck. Congratulations.
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    Tag before you drag?

    Yes sir that is correct. Just wanted to have SCN confirm the fact that no paper tag is required once you have completed the check in on the app and gotten the confirmation number. Good hunting.
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    Tag before you drag?

    Thank you.
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    Tag before you drag?

    SCN, You are the man on this answer but I am still a little confused. Does checking the deer in on the TWRA app constitute a final checkin and thus no need to attach a check in tag.
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    My buck of a life time story

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    Buzzards must be hungry

    Cattlemen hate them. Very hard on new born calves.
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    Catman 11point video

    Meant “ thank you Catman” and not “Than Catman 11”.
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    Catman 11point video

    Published 11/21/21 on YouTube. A great one one! Than catman 11 .
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    How good is a deer’s hearing

    From what I have read a deer’s hearing is comparable to man’s. That said I realize that they do detect non native environmental sounds well because that is sound that should not be there. Just wondering if you listen using ear buds on low volume to a ball game or an on line book to you think...
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    First TN buck for the year

    Nice buck. Looks like he has some good mass.
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    Thick 10 pointer my brother took opening day of muzzleloader.

    Hugh wound. What did you hit him with?
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    Finally got the best of the 11 point

    Look forward to watching it.

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