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    Christmas light help

    I put some lights out today. I do have probably 10 strands running off of one extension cord but the first stand of lights keeps going bad after turning on and have to throw them out, happened 2 more times after removing the bad strand. Do I just have too many tied in together off of one outlet...
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    Western KY

    I’ve never hunted KY but wondered if there is that big of a difference in the quality of the bucks there vs Middle TN ( I hunt Putnam/Jackson)? I’m considering buying some land up there to have access to mature deer but wanted opinions from those who have hunted both places. Is it night and day...
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    Where to go between centerhill or

    A buddy of mine has a boat and wants to go Wednesday. We haven’t been in a while, where is our best bet right now to catch fish between CenterHill, Cordell Hull or the Caney. Open to other local suggestions if close.
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    Cool pic of two bucks sparing

    Got this on my last pull
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    Food Plots Spray, throw and mow before and after

    Here are pics of what my plot looked like before and after I did the spray, throw mow method for the 2nd year in a row and it’s worked great both times.
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    Fuse 4 arrow quiver camo

    I have a like new Fuse quiver for compound bow. Camo, retail $50, like new, will take $30, Cookeville.
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    Does this place exist?

    I was thinking about where I would move if I could move anywhere in the USA. I thought to myself does a place exist that has both above average Whitetail and Elk hunting in the same area along with great golf courses and a reasonable year around climate. Doubt I’d ever leave TN (born and...
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    Sold/Expired SPYPOINT cell cams

    I have one new in box, and two that power up but don’t send pics. I’ll take $120 for all 3
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    Food Plots Can you have too much rain?

    On fresh seed? I planted yesterday and all this rain got me wondering if you can get too much? I did spray, throw and mow
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    Food Plots When to fertilize my plots

    I bought some granular bags of fertilizer for my plots. I plan to plant tomorrow, should I spread the fertilizer on top of the seeds? Or wait?
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    Battery help

    I have a Mossimo electric UTV/Cart. It takes 5 batteries. They have no marking on them but the manual shows 12v 100 amp 60v lead acid sealed batteries. I don’t know a lot about large batteries. I was looking at an AMG marine batteries with similar specs. Does anyone with battery knowledge know...
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    Food Plots Spray, throw and mow mixture

    I did this method last year with red clover and winter wheat and it turned out great. I’ve sprayed already and getting ready to “throw” soon but was considering adding some other seed at same time as the wheat and clover. Im considering buck forage oats, daikon radishes and turnip tops. Will all...
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    Living on the property you hunt

    I don’t (30 min drive) but have it stuck in my head that it would be great lifestyle. I genuinely enjoy caring for the property I own, doing plots, checking cameras, etc but the drive makes it a hassle sometimes and I’d go much more often if I lived closer. For those of you that have lived both...
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    .22lr at Cookeville walmart

    They have in stock if anyone is looking
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    Battery question

    I’ve got a 12v deep cycle battery I use for my skeet thrower, etc. I recently needed to jump start the tractor and dropped it. I used it and didn’t notice anything until the next day there was a small puddle, maybe 6-8oz, of clear battery acid on my garage floor. Is the battery safe to continue...
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    Tactacam Reveal X

    Anyone tried the new Reveal X yet? I just ordered one, have had issues with my SPYPOINT Micros so trying something new
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    Sold/Expired Hoyt spyder 30 bow

    I bought a new bow and letting go of this one. Includes quiver, whisker biscuit rest, stabilizer. Just needs a sight to be ready.60-70lbs draw weight and 29” draw. Original owner, Cookeville. $375
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    Hi Mountain jerky seasoning

    You can get these on gander mountain for $2 after the extra 60% off
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    Food Plots Annual plot

    I usually do perennial plots.Last fall I did annual winter wheat and red clover. They look good now with the wheat at thigh high and red clover blooming but do I need to mow them or just let them be? Plan to plant same thing this fall.
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    First lite guide pants

    $50 reg $150 on Sierra trading post. Sizes 38 waist and up. Better hurry.

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