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    Light weight lock on stands

    Just be aware that for the little over a pound (1.2 lb) saved with the Helo over a LW Assault 2, the platform is SIGNIFICANTLY more narrow. Doesn’t have a bow holder, either.
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    Light weight lock on stands

    If your issue is the seat pad there’s a couple of directions you could go. Hopefully for my b day next month my wife or daughter will get me the Millennium type seat a guy on FB is selling for the Novix/Lone Wolfs. It’ll add a little more weight so I would only put it on my Echo that I use...
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    FDA Expert: Covid Vaccines Kill More Than They Save

    I haven’t posted in quite a while but I gotta say, from where I’m sitting I think that the vaccine is absolutely saving lives. Take everything I say below to to support that. I’m not weighing in on mandates or on anything except what prompted this thread.My wife and I personally know not one...
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    Turkey Research Study in GA with The Hunting Public

    Very informative video! Unfortunately, no mention of TN when Dr. Chamberlain was mentioning which southern states have done much turkey research. He highly applauded Missouri’s turkey research, and their season doesn’t open until next week (4/19). Only one of the two bird limit can be taken...
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    Barnes expander

    I used to shoot them and never had the first complaint. Only reason I switched to polymer tipped coppers was for better ballistics, but for terminal performance the Barnes expanders are absolutely devastating.
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    Traffic reporter loses his mind on live TV

    Ok. I’ve ignored it too many times in my YouTube feed already, so I’ll go ahead and check it out. As much as I like some of his comedy, knowing a “meltdown” isn’t a meltdown sort takes of the fun out of these kind of videos, for me at least....still, it’s gotta be good or it wouldn’t be posted...
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    Mossberg 500 vs 835

    The 500 beats the 835 hands down, in all situations except for the duck or goose blind. The 835 is significantly heavier and I’ve never heard that the overbored barrel was much of an advantage in recoil reduction or patterning.
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    Blind Stolen - Public Land

    No new news, there, friend.Most of us here have likely read that in the hunting guide. It’s been in there for many years now, and most of us likely checked with the manager of the particular area they hunted to find out stands left in the woods were fine as long as they were removed at the...
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    Blind Stolen - Public Land

    Kudos to you for your attitude. It’s easy to forget or not realize that the wma manager Tommy Edwards runs Yanali a little different in this regard than other public grounds we hunt in middle TN, or most of TN for that matter.Since most of the land I hunt doesn’t prohibit leaving property in...
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    Saddle Hunting

    I already use a rock climbing harness for my climber and my hang on, so if I can find a minimalist saddle that will work just as well as a safety harness, that would be cool. As for the stand and saddle application, I should’ve pointed out at the time that I was thinking more for gun hunting. Of...
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    Saddle Hunting

    I hope to find a minimalist saddle with an adjustable bridge for next fall, although I highly doubt I’ll be hunting much without a stand. Say what, you say? Well, a friend recently loaned me his Tetherd Mantis to try and I’ve discovered something. Let me first say this, though. I absolutely HATE...
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    Browning BPS

    A friend of mine’s dad had one and I’ve always wanted one since I’m a lefty. Not only does the bottom ejection keep shells out of your face, it also helps keep the inside of the receiver clean and dry. It’s a really nice shotgun for waterfowl, or for turkey hunting if you don’t mind toting it...
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    Taylor Swift to be removed

    Yes, that’s some much needed good news. Not only is she not country, you might have some other opinions of her as well if you’ve ever seen her “You need to calm down” song’s video. She’s a textbook case of why folks should resist their kids getting their role models from pop culture.
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    Prayers please

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    My first deer with the 35 Remington

    Congratulations! I’ve been really happy with my Marlin as well. It’s a fine brush gun, and hopefully Federal will soon be selling their new Hammer Down cartridge in 35 Remington.
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    Bow only 2021....

    Personally, what makes the hunt more meaningful to me is not so much the weapon used, but how close I am to the deer. Yes, I admit to be very proud of the doe I killed years ago with my old longbow, but I’m also proud of two 9 pointers I’ve shot with a rifle on the ground inside of 40 yds. Once...
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    Sold/Expired Remington BDL left hand custom deluxe 3006 caliber

    This rifle sure would be temping if only it were a little closer and it wasn’t getting close to Christmas. I got a Nikon Monarch that really needs to go on a good all-around rifle like this one. I shoot both left and right handed, but I’m sure my son would rather I got a left handed bolt action.
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    Nice Wilson county 8 point

    Congratulations! That buck sure had some heavy horns.
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    Mast Failure

    Cheatham WMA has very little in acorn mast this year, and where I hunt here in Wilson county there WERE some red oak acorns but very few or no white oak acorns. There are very few, if any, red oak acorns left that the weevils haven’t ruined already in the areas I’ve been hunting. My question is...
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    Middle TN heavy 10 mountain buck

    That’s a really good buck! As to where east TN ends, it’s a LONG way over to Bristol lol. You learn something new everyday, though. According to Wiki the 41 counties in middle TN are actually legally defined by our state constitution. Love the Marlin 336. I hunt with one, myself. Which...

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