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    Alec Baldwin kills a cameraman on the set

    Fake as in Fake election.
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    Alec Baldwin kills a cameraman on the set

    Have you ever considered that this might be Fake?Fake as in fake news. Fake as in fake Biden. Fake as in disabled airplane taking off with people hanging on. Fake as in fake insurrection as in on 1/6/21. Fake as in fake airplane crashes into the towers. Fake as in Boston bombing.What...
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    My take on things today...

    Thai's are mostly Buddhist, they believe in reincarnation. They are not known for slaughtering healthy animals. If you are over there eating beef, pork or chicken fried rice, your probably eating roadkill or something that just died. I developed a great appreciation for the chow hall when I was...
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    Coldest you’ve been…

    Two kinds of cold.This happened a long time ago, it was so cold in Memphis, I think it was after an ice storm. Anyway, these women ran in from the back door hollering that this homeless guy was frozen to the ground behind the bar. I don't know what had happened, he must have passed out. When...
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    Henry county Doe CWD

    Yeah, good point. Heck, that buck may have been hit by a car. Although, we have noticed the reduction of deer in this area for the last few years, it is too early to be the results from cwd without it being detected. We have a lot of coyotes and poachers but I have been thinking it was from EHD.
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    Henry county Doe CWD

    Last year, I think it was early MZ season, a couple fellows from Paris on their way to work in Huntingdon, drove up on a big12 pt.. It was walking in circles on the side of the highway and acting very strange and erratic. They watched it for a few minutes and the deer was not scared of them and...
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    10 month update

    How many miles did you have on this truck when you did this and how many miles have you drove in the past 10 months?
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    Hurricane Ida

    I have old friends in Des Allemands and Paradis LA. Use to go to the Houma Mardi Gras parade. Love the old style Mardi Gras in these small towns. Not like New Orleans.Had friends that could hold a catfish in one hand and skin and clean it it about 30 seconds.We would buy beer and wine at the...
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    deer #1 Cheatham county stud down with compound bow

    Wow! You truly have killing deer in your DNA.Bravo! Great start to the season.
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    If You Read Only One of My Posts This Week, I Hope It Will Be This One

    No purpose??? The poppies are the purpose.Why do you think George Bush Sr.'s nickname was poppy?The poppies help finance many of the wonderful deeds of the CIA. Notice other wars are where they grow the best dope.Bush was CIA when they killed JFK.
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    When I mow or go in the field I spray down good with repellant. That seems to be pretty effective.However I have noticed that when I'm done and I sit down to remove my boots and socks that them little boogers quickly jump on your unprotected ankles. Your hot and sweaty tender ankles are prime...
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    Was I out of line (buying beer)?

    I wear a ZZ Top type beard and it is quit gray. I get carded all the time.Some times I ask how old would a little kid have to be to start growing a beard like this and still be under age?
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    Props to O reilley auto parts

    They are the only auto parts store around here that still resurface brake drums and rotors.
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    JD engine makes me crazy! (pics)

    Rotella diesel oil sounds strange for a air cooled gas motor.However, Harley Davidson owners manual states that if H.D. oil is not available, use high quality diesel engine motor oil. I know several guys that use Rotella in their bikes.It's like Franks Hot sauce. I put that **** in everything.
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    Boat Ladder

    I learned the hard way that I could not get back in the boat from deep water. I fabricated this ladder from scrap pieces of aluminum I had around. I needed one with a little extra capacity.
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    Boat Ladder

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    Temptation vs common sense vs letting a dream die

    You are spot on with round flange on crank. You've done your home work. Keep the dream alive!I've got a set of double hump heads and steel 350 crank in my attic that I've been saving for a similar dream machine.
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    Temptation vs common sense vs letting a dream die

    Do you have a 302 crankshaft? They are not the same as 283, 327, 350 or 400 crank. They are extremely hard to find and quit valuable.Big journal main bearing blocks are better blocks and can handle more horsepower and abuse.There is a book out there " How to Hot Rod a Small Block Chevy"...
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    This is interesting. Does the 45 auto cylinder use the moon clips?I have the Redhawk 45/45 acp and it only has one cylinder, but uses moon clips for the 45 acp.

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