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    Old muzzleloaders

    Looking for old side lock muzzleloaders ( Not Inlines )Located in Ardmore TNMay have trade itemsPm me with info.
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    T/C omega stock.

    My father in law recently passed and left me his 50cal Omega z5I'd like to hunt with it but it has a RH thumb hole stock and I am a lefty.Like to buy a non thumb hole stock. Would buy whole gun to get stock if need be.Located in Ardmore TN
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    Lyman 54 cal

    Layman 54cal percussion in excellent condition with box. $500 or possible trades.
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    Prayer warriors

    Praying for a complete healing..
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    Thompson Center Hawken - 50 Caliber

    I have a Lyman in 54cal
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    First pull

    Nothing special but glad to have the pic.I haven’t ran my cams like I typically do and on my first pull of 2 cans I had nothing but doe and the same little spikeWas relieved to have at least one racked buck on cam
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    Good mature buck.
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    Oneida Phoenix

    Trex I haven’t had much luck getting suggested info on the Oneida bowsArchery talk has a section for them but it’s pretty much dead. There’s a couple lever bow Facebook groups probably the best place so far but still not great.
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    Oneida Phoenix

    Not sure if it’s a curse or blessing lol
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    Oneida Phoenix

    Yes I am , I am a trad bow shooter for the most part but thinking it might be a nice crossover bow.Just curious about the string angle etc at 31” draw.
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    Oneida Phoenix

    Anyone here shoot the lever bows?
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    No fall turkey?

    Our Turkey population is low so it’s for the best . Thanks
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    No fall turkey?

    It’s been awhile so I just wanted to make sure I was reading the regulations correctlyWe are no longer allowed a fall turkey during archery season in Lincoln county?
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    Anyone heard from Robin?
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    Sold/Expired WTB: Left hand compound

    Interested in buying a newer bow that’s at least 34” or longer A2A 60-70lbs and must go up to 31” draw examples would beMathews traverse Elite ritual 35 Bowtech BT MAG x
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    Long brow?

    Awesome deer
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    Aging a deer

    Awesome thanks
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    What about this one? Ole gnarly

    Wish his rack was clearer, looks to be really neat
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    Aging a deer

    I know some guys look at teeth wear but I’d like to get a definite ageI have heard you can send a tooth off to get the correct age but I am not familiar with this process. if someone is I’d appreciate the details on how to go about it.

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