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    Yellowstone season 4

    It’s Barry Corbin. He was the vet on the ranch
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    What happened to my dog.

    My dog did that one time when she got into fire ants. Swelled up and the Benadryl worked.
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    Wood vs propane

    That’s a good idea and cheaper than running the main units fan
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    Wood vs propane

    I have a wood stove in the basement and it has a hood above it that will use the thermodynamics to pull it through the vents in the upstairs. I can cut on the Hvac system to fan and it’ll pull it more. It’ll heat the house up til you can’t it. We just did an addition so I’ll be interested to see...
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    For those who believe in prayer

    Prayers sent up
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    Halloween candy addition.

    Mary Janes is what I love. And also bit o honeys
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    Ole Brian Laundrie

    Probably not and I hope he had a a painful death. I had to edit this after taking to my wife as she is on the dental field. He could have gotten teeth extracted and that is all that is left. Still say other no lethal items could be left.
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    Ole Brian Laundrie

    Is it possible he would sacrifice a arm or leg to have it there?
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    Yellowstone season 4

    About to rewatch the last season.
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    Rip Thelma Lou from Andy Griffin

    Loved that show and she was always great. Best thing about wdef in Chattanooga is watching the Andy Griffith show. Even being 38 I remember watching on a black and white tc only.
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    Seeking prayers please

    Sorry for your loss Snake. Prayers for your family.
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    Steve Rinella vs vegan

    Watching his shows is what got me interested in hunting. Showing his mistakes and not trophy hunting drove it home for me. Also watching him cook the things he killed in the field and not wasting anything made me decide to hunt and get my own food. Watching it did get me to eat the heart off my...
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    Crazy Tennessee stat comparison

    I think the defense is what gets me the most. Pruitt was supposed to be a defense guy and really the defense never looked that good. Yes last year was a harder schedule but this coaching staff doesn’t have the talent Pruitt had. This coaching staff is actually coaching them up and making them...
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    Best seafood in PCB

    This was a good place that was over in St. Andrews area. Easy drive and good food.
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    Found a nice patch.

    Wonder if it got sprayed with a herbicide?
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    MyTennTrapper moment

    That pretty funny right there
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    Speaking of Winter

    Gotta love the fiskars splitting axe
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    Been a rough patch

    So sorry for your loss. Heart breaking.
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    Deer down

    Congrats! Good looking deer
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    Making shavings

    My great uncle always whittled each night. I still do it on occasion because it brings back the memories. I always enjoy trying to make unique shavings when I’m doing it. It’s kind of like peeling an apple and having the one big continuous peel.

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