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  1. Realtree56

    Anyone else hunt in unit CWD but live outside it?

    Just curious of other peoples experience…. Live in East Tn but have been heading west Several weekends a year to prep/hunt for almost 20 years. My county out there just got added to the high risk list… we killed a couple last weekend, waiting on testing before eating…. Just curious how it’s been...
  2. Realtree56

    TVA land question

    I’ve hunted a lot of the TVA land near me but wanted to check out a new section today... I walked it and liked it enough to give it a go soon but here’s what I’m trying to figure out... don’t have a boat to access it but I can park in a designated safety zone that adjoins... is it legal to carry...
  3. Realtree56

    Spartan GoCam

    Wifey just completely surprised me with a spartan gocam for my birthday... anyone run these? What data plans do y’all use? And what is photo quality like
  4. Realtree56

    Had a good run out west

    I live (and hunt a lot) in East Tn, but have been running to West Tn several times a year for the last 17 years. We had our first baby this year so those runs are gonna be a lot fewer for now, but still managed to get lucky and time up a trip with a cold front coming through. Saw a lot of deer...
  5. Realtree56

    Oak Ridge quota hunts

    Don’t shoot the messenger, but I called the TWRA agent over the Oak Ridge hunts to ask a couple of questions yesterday and was told that the DOE was canceling all 3 Oak Ridge hunts this year. Haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet, I’m hoping it’s not true, but I’d say that’s about as reliable of...
  6. Realtree56

    Pleasant surprise

    Pulled cameras here at home yesterday, got these pics. Hunted the 8 last year and he has done nothing but grow this year, no history with this 10 at all but sure hope hangs around.
  7. Realtree56

    Better late than never..

    We had a baby in June so deer hunting has been on the back burner the last little bit but I finally found time to make a run west to freshen up mineral sites and hang cameras... man I want an Atv lol, toting 250 lbs of Trace mineral on a game cart sucks! Deer sign was plentiful so hopefully it’s...
  8. Realtree56

    Put #2 down yesterday evening

    Man it’s been a frustrating couple of years as far as bucks go for me, just haven’t been able to get a shot on a decent buck for a long while now, that being said we go through roughly 3 deer worth of meat a year at the house...figured I drove 4 hours across the state to hunt this weekend and...
  9. Realtree56

    Oak Ridge draw hunt maps

    Scout day for my hunt is this Saturday and I still haven’t received the map/permit in the mail... anyone else got theirs?
  10. Realtree56

    Age, score please

    Getting this guy on camera more regular than any other buck...
  11. Realtree56

    Neat bird

    Maybe a common thing but this is the reddest head on a hen I’ve ever seen
  12. Realtree56

    Surrounded by 5 does

    And it’s buck only ..... man I hate living in this unit
  13. Realtree56

    2019 Season dates

    They’re starting to pass around the vacation book at work for 2019... can’t find season dates for next year yet so thought I’d double check here... archery is always 4th Saturday in September, gun is the Saturday before Thanksgiving and muzzleloader is 2 weeks before gun... let me know if that’s...
  14. Realtree56

    2.5 or 3.5 year old?

    Had a brief encounter with this dude Saturday morning... He's getting a pass if he makes it to muzzleloader but I'm not sure I'll hold off given the chance with my bow...
  15. Realtree56

    Anybody trained their own dog?

    So my brother got me hooked on duck hunting 3 years ago, and decided I wanted a dog. Bought a chocolate lab female, currently 4 months old. Her dad was a duck hunter, mom was field trial dog, and the pup is a natural. She is only 4 months old now, but man she picks up on most stuff I challenge...
  16. Realtree56

    Another good morning

    Got a mixed bag of 13 Saturday morning... they are definitely migrating through east Tn... several shovelers, mallards, gadwalls, a woody and a ringneck which is a first for us, and some jewelry on a mallard hen.
  17. Realtree56

    Blount County this morning

    First time in the blind this year, had a great time with some great people
  18. Realtree56

    Answers and opinions please

    Ok, let me start by saying that this is gonna be a very special piece of taxidermy to me: An old friend and hunting mentor of mine passed away this past spring, afterwards his family wanted me to have one of his pieces of taxidermy. I chose a drake wood duck, because it is probably my favorite...
  19. Realtree56

    Food Plots Whitetail institute Imperial Clover

    Will this stuff grow in the woods, in a small satellite plot? I'm wanting to do spring plots for the first time this year, and I've seen a lot people say this stuff is awesome. I've wasted my money on Throw n Grow for fall plots the last 2 years and all that comes up is rye grass. Anyways the...
  20. Realtree56

    Good luck everybody, I'm jealous....

    Stuck at work on what's probably the coldest morning of the whole season, hope to see lots of pictures added on here today!

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