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    Deer Meat Smash Burgers on Flat Top

    A few weeks ago I purchased a new flat top grill and have really enjoyed using it. I have been searching for good ideas or recipes to try. I looked on the Cooking forum to see if anyone had shared any favorite recipes and was surprised that I didn't see anything for flat top grills.Well I...
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    Trump Camo

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    Don't forget the sun screen

    Went to the dermatologist yesterday. He cut 4 plugs out of my face and 1 off the top of my head. Had more on my list, but put list back in my pocket after them first 5.He said it was all old sun damage.
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    Anyone lose a puppy or two?

    Sunday morning I was heading east on I-40 going to my place up by Paris. Shortly after I passed the Brownsville exit I caught an image of what looked like a small fluffy puppy smelling trash on the side of the road. I thought to myself, no way that was a little dog, it couldn't have been.I...
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    Just wonder how many veterans do the hand-salute during the Nation Anthem?Veterans and un-uniform service members are allowed to render the hand-salute during the raising and lowering of the flag and during the Nation Anthem. I have been doing this for years at ball games and race track...
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    What is this? Found this Saturday while I was walking out from morning hunt. It was exposed on top of the ground where the old cemetery road is cut deep into the hillside. It is probably 5 or 6 feet deep. I have walked over it and drove the tractor over is many, many times. Looked like a rock...
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    Mandatory Physical Check-In

    I sent a couple days working on my house up in Henry County. As I was leaving in the truck I caught part of a commercial on the radio about mandatory physical deer check-in for weekends Nov 2-3 and 9-10. I missed part of the commercial, so I didn't hear Counties requiring this. I don't have this...
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    I'm in shock

    Finished up my food plots this last week. I had plowed, disced and leveled it Labor day weekend, but did not plant seed. Went up this week and seeded and finished up.Last year my neighbor to the west started logging their farm before deer season. Well apparently they are still not finished. I...
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    Summer Project

    My summer project was to get this sucker back on the road. It is basically a stock '55 Hydro Glide with upgraded hydraulic brakes. I was building this bike 15 years ago when I broke my back. After new battery, new gas and oil, it started on 3rd kick. Still have brake issues to resolve, but parts...
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    Sold/Expired Custom Mauser 300 Win Mag

    Had this rifle a long time. Was going to refinish stock to a higher level of quality, but just do not need a 300 mag. I do not think it was ever used since new barrel was fit. Has not ever had sling studs installed.Custom Mauser 98 Fabrique National D'Armes De Guerre, Herstal Belgique Contract...
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    Predator of a different sort

    We have had free ranging chickens for years and have had numerus problems with a variety of predators. I've had coyotes, dogs, raccoons, opossums, fox, red tail hawks, harrier hawks, owls, cats, snakes and even little kids casing them. All of them, except the little kids, are looking for...
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    New Cap

    Somebody needs to make a blue ball cap with Betsy Ross stars on it. I'd buy one.
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    Sold/Expired Paddle Boat

    Paddle pontoon boat. Mostly all steel, aluminum and wood seat. One side leaks and had water in it when I pulled it out of pond. This thing is old, and I do not know history. I was going to rebuild it but never did. Pontoon needs to be repaired or patched. I would suggest having it filled with...
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    Sold/Expired Lyman Reloading Press

    Lyman All- American Press "Turret"4 sets of dies - 308 Win - 30/06 - 38 Sp, 357 mag - 9 mm LugarLyman M5 Precision Loading ScaleOhaus 505 Precision Loading ScaleLyman Ideal Powder Measure No. 55This stuff is old , but in excellent shape. Came from the estate of a WWII marine. $100.00
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    Sold/Expired 6 hp Mercury Outboard

    This is a 1966 Mercury Outboard, w/ owners manual and gas tank. Used very little through the years. It is a twin cylinder, 6 hp. I just pulled it out of garage and have not started it for a few years. I know it will run, but I suspect it will need a new water pump impeller.I'm putting it for...
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    Barbecue and Fish Fry

    Monday will be my wife's 66th birthday. She will retire next week and will start S.S. spousal benefits July 1st.So that means it's a good time to celebrate, which I am. Starting now.- 18-1/2 lb angus brisket - 2 large pork butts - 10 lb sausage - 15 lb catfish - 15 lb hot wings - big tub of...
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    High Speed Blow Out

    I was not going to say anything about this because it is so stupid, and I should have known better.I bought this truck last month. It is a unique truck with a unique story. It's 26 years old with only 46,000 miles. A service truck that was never put in to service. I've had a few issues due to...
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    Pinta and Nina

    Saw this on Sunday. Reproductions of the Pinta and Nina are moored at Paris Landing. Do not know the details. I heard they may be there all week due to the floods in Arkansas. Doe anyone know what they are doing with them?
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    Steel Targets

    My daughter named these ISIS targets.
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    RR Crosses

    Finished these three today. Donating one to a benefit next mouth. Picked these spikes up off of tracks behind my house. I bend the rings out of 5/8 HRS.

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