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    Tuning the .40 caliber

    Finally getting the new hunting rifle tuned up. 44 inch swamped Rice barrel. 1:48 twist. B profile round cut rifling. Started with.395 hornady ball with .15 patches then tried.18 pillow ticking both oxyoke lubed. Today I got it pretty well centered and shooting nice clover leaf groups with...
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    Did TWRA lose the court case in Benton County?

    I was wondering if TWRA won or lost the Hollingsworth vs. TWRA case in Benton County?
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    Flintlock pistol buck

    Not a big buck but it’s still a trophy. I hunt with flintlocks and carried my .50 flintlock pistol this year as a back up. Never planned on using it as a primary gun. It was loaded with 35 g of FFF black powder and a patched round ball. I planned to hunt the big buck I saw Saturday. I knew...
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    EHD deer

    If a person finds a sick and dying deer that most likely has EHD, ex. Looking for relief around water. If they put the deer down or watch it drown, is it okay to eat? Obviously you should notify the TWRA region office just like a road kill. I haven’t found one but I hate to see the meat going...

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