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    Any one on here remember the Goat Man

    I was real young when he used to come through Maryville and saw an article on him on Google the other day and it brought up old memories.
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    Aloe Vera plant

    How many of you keep an aloe vera plant at your house for burns? It has usually done a fine job at my house on small burns.
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    For the first time in 54 years...

    I wasn't able to tell my mom happy Mothers Day in person. Had to tell her at the cemetary. Sad.
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    It's gonna be a hard holiday season

    Gonna be a rough one this year. I lost my mom a month ago. One week I am helping her shop for tv's and eating soft serve ice cream and shortly thereafter she is gone. She was older and pneumonia got her. Lost dad in 89, still think about him every day. Looking at a gravesite for both parents...
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    Do any of you use kayaks? If so, sit in or sit on top? Reason for asking is that my wife wants to buy a couple and I have never been in one. Mainly will be used for just paddling around with a little fishing thrown in. Any advice will be appreciated, thanks.
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    Learned a lesson the hard way

    I had my house broken into. Whoever it was made off with one gun.It was in one of the cheap 8 gun safes that I have had for years mainly to keep my younger kids at the time away from guns. . The thief pried the upper left corner away enough that he could reach in and get the rifle. Must have...
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    This is probably a stupid question but I am not a computer person, how do you send a pm to someone on this sight, thanks
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    I hate a thief

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my canoe was stolen from my yard, looked around and found that my Stihl chainsaw which was under my carport was stolen also. I didn't turn in on insurance because after deductable and possibility of insurance going up it just wasn't worth it. Leaving the...

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