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  1. Tenn.Guy

    For Sale Taurus Circuit Judge 45lc/410

    For sale $650/ or possibly trade
  2. Tenn.Guy

    New home insulation questions

    I have 2*6 exterior walls. Original I planned on blown cellulose in the walls, but since have gotten bids on spray foam. Is the spray foam worth the difference in the walls? Cellulose - $2100 Spray foam 3.5 " open cell - $3445 Per discussion with a few contractors and roofer have decided on...
  3. Tenn.Guy

    2002 rancher es 4x4 good deal?

    Looking at a used one for $1700. The guy says it has 444 hours on it. Worth the money? I'd prefer it to be selectable 4x4 but for the money... Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Tenn.Guy

    Sold/Expired 2012 polaris sportsman 500 ho

    Low miles, garage kept. Only selling because I don't have much of a place to ride, it and the trailer take up too much garage space and can't justify it only for deer season. Title in hand. Battery approx 8 months old, always been on a trickle charger. Front brush guard, winch, back...
  5. Tenn.Guy

    Prayers needed for Colton.

    I don't post much anymore, but my little boy could use some prayers. He's almost 14 months old. He has his issues seizures being our typical main problem. Unfortunately Saturday he has his first fever ever so we went to see the pedi. Tons of seizures over the weekend due to fever. Took him...
  6. Tenn.Guy

    Health Multivitamin Help

    I need to start on a mutivitamin. I generally have a weekly mix of cardio workouts (p90x) and weight lifting. Im younger at 29 y/o (30 this year). What is a good mutlivitamin? I was looking at Orange Triads. Sometimes my joints in my hands ache. Either from typing at work or from working...
  7. Tenn.Guy


    So long story short. 4 month old at home hasn't given me much opportunity to hunt. After a long night I finally got in my stand just afte 10 am. I'm setting till dark. I figured I rattle and see what happens. 20-25 min I realize a buck is 80 yards on a b line to me but the sun is in eye...
  8. Tenn.Guy

    Best lightweight compact rifle ???

    I am piggy backing an earlier thread. Im not making any quick purchases and just keeping my eyes open for a deal. 7mm-08 only Comparing... Remington Mountain Rifle old vs new model Rem Model 7 Tikka T3 lite stainless Savage Lightweight Hunter - I really like the looks of this gun...
  9. Tenn.Guy

    Finally got my mount back!

    KY gun opener 2013.
  10. Tenn.Guy

    Any have a Ruger American SS ?

    I saw they started making them this year, and it fits the bill for what I am looking for. Lightweight,compact, SS, and economical. I didnt know if anything had any experience with quality and accuracy./.
  11. Tenn.Guy

    CNN poll. Kids being allowed to shoot guns...

    With supervisor. Bottom right corner. Needs to be turned around.
  12. Tenn.Guy

    Covert leaks?

    I bought 2 covert black flash last year. One is still running but screen no longer works from water getting inside. The other I left out at the end of season. Went to check it today, I know I should have checked it sooner. Anyways it was filled with water. I put in new batteries but...
  13. Tenn.Guy

    DIY HSS lifeline?

    I know someone made their own last year. I may end up buying a 3 pack but I like the idea of making my own without breaking my neck :) Anyone have some links to purchase needed materials and. A link for the knot? I think it is called prusset? Thanks!
  14. Tenn.Guy

    Cheap climbing sticks link?

    I know several bought off eBay, but when I tried they were out. Anyone have a link, I lost it. Thanks
  15. Tenn.Guy

    SD Card Error help

    A friend bought a new Cuddeback Seen? Anyways he didnt think it worked, so I looked it over and it took pictures. I was able to pull them up with the SD card on my work laptop but on his Camera at home it tells him Pic Error? How do you fix that? Its a 8gb card, but I am sure his personal...
  16. Tenn.Guy

    whats it worth? Savage 22/410

    Looks like it is a model 24. older version. I have no idea of shape it is in. This is what it looks like, I just havent seen it in person.I Found this picture on gunbroker but no value?
  17. Tenn.Guy

    Sold/Expired Any interest Dewalt Hammer Drill and 1/2" Impact

    I can get photos later. $150 Jackson, Smith, Putnam County Area. 18V XRP 2 batteries and 1/2" Impact Wrench ... 7AodcTsAWA ... =-99&025=c Drill has only been used around the home. Too big for my...
  18. Tenn.Guy

    Rem 1187 premier value?

    28" barrel. Rem choke barrel with mod included. No fancy work on the sides. Approx 5-7 years old. 3" receiver. Was told it had 2 small scratches I think both on wood, and been a safe queen most of its life. How much is it worth?
  19. Tenn.Guy


    This is the last year of your early 30's!
  20. Tenn.Guy

    Smokeless Apex results...

    I shot my apex a couple weeks back. Wind blowing 10-15 mph gust. About 30 dgrees outside. 5 minutes between shots. Knurled 200gr SST and knurled Barnes 195's... 100 yards. I jerked the trigger 1 on the target and that is the shot top right. My brother in law will attest, im no crack shot, so...

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