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    Teenage girls carjacking

    Who has seen video of 2 teenage girls carjacking and killing owner in crash? Happened in DC on Tuesday I think. Maybe I missed it on news but I only seen it through a friend. It’s terrible to watch.
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    Week one 2021 snares

    One cat a 3 yotes one week on snares. Total of 78 yotes in last 3 years.
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    Button buck question?

    Here is my situation I have a 240 acre farm that I try to manage year around for wildlife habitat. The owner before me allowed everyone to hunt and wanted everything shot. 4 years ago at least 36 deer were taken from the property. Since owning it I have not shot but a 2 does. Now my normal trail...
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    Long brow?

    From trail pic looks like very long thin brow but hard to tell. If it is how has he not broken it rubbing or fighting at this point.
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    Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Has anyone else been watching it this year? If you have you must have noticed a difference this year. It’s just like every other show now full of current social issues taking away from the tradition of it. Let’s just say there’s very little white meat on that turkey , at least what is seen on...
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    Big Marshall County Buck

    This buck was killed on a joining property to my farm. Never seen him before but nice to know they can get that big in the neighborhood.
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    Son got last years buck back

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    Piebald Buck

    Seen post where a juvenile shot an beautiful piebald over the weekend and wanted to post one I was lucky enough to get a couple years ago.

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    I shot this buck after he walked right to my tree, after I laid down a...
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