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  1. gobblegrunt

    What about those Braves…

    The Braves have a legit shot at winning the World Series!
  2. gobblegrunt

    Hendon Hooker

    Dumbest comment I've ever read in the sports forum
  3. gobblegrunt

    Got a big boy on camera. Public land

    Better delete the pic ASAP. No way I post that on here.
  4. gobblegrunt


    Iowa and Florida have screwed me in our pickem league!
  5. gobblegrunt


    I have one and love it!
  6. gobblegrunt

    Dabo's Dynasty is Done

    I can't stand Finebaum
  7. gobblegrunt

    Deer Processors in Manchester Area

    W and W isn't taking deer right now. He posted on FB that he's trying to get all his mounts done first.
  8. gobblegrunt

    A Bad Experience with Tennessee Wildlife Enforcement.

    Situations like this is what causes a majority of hunters to just go and retrieve their deer.
  9. gobblegrunt

    Anyone else sick but not with Covid?

    RSV been going around
  10. gobblegrunt

    ALABAMA V Florida

    I predict a blow out by Bama
  11. gobblegrunt

    Henry county Doe CWD

    The mass killing of deer will not stop CWD. I really don't understand the logic behind this at all. Hunting out west where it originated is still thriving. Is it not?
  12. gobblegrunt

    Winchester sx4 and vortex strike eagle

    So tempting
  13. gobblegrunt

    Tennessee vs Pitt

    There were definitely a few questionable calls
  14. gobblegrunt

    Tennessee vs Pitt

    Without Hooker the Vols are not even in this game. You obviously haven't been watching.
  15. gobblegrunt

    Tennessee vs Pitt

    Terrible playcall on 4 and 1 at the goal line!
  16. gobblegrunt

    Tennessee vs Pitt

    Alright, Hooker is looking much better at this point.
  17. gobblegrunt

    Tennessee vs Pitt

    I'm not happy with the O-Line or the QB's this point in the game. I'm not sure why we haven't seen Bailey yet.
  18. gobblegrunt

    2021 college pickem

    I'd be in for having a pay in but it would be hard to collect in my opinion.

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