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    Im interested in reloading

    I would agree, and read the first third of it several times.
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    Im interested in reloading

    About $30 - $35 /1000 depending on the type and seller. Match primers were closer to $45 - $50/1000.
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    Im interested in reloading

    Primers are going to be your biggest challenge. They have been very hard to find for a long time now but they do turn up every now and again, but at obscene prices!
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    "Bye Bye Love" - Rest in Peace, Don Everly

    I saw him about 3 years ago on stage with Paul Simon in Nashville. He came on and dueted Bye Bye Love with Simon. Still had a great stage presence, RIP.
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    Killer Instinct owners....

    It's reasonably quiet, but not silent. I've had some problems with mine, first day out the stock cracked where the pistol grip attaches. I sent the stock back and KI sent me a new one, which UPS then lost. To be fair to KI they shipped another one, then UPS found the original lost one and...
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    Price difference here and Europe

    Most prices in Europe are shown inclusive of VAT (Sales Tax). Depending on the country this can be as high as 25%, but can be removed for export outside the EU. Prices are also higher due to EU enforced warranties which means the manufacturers and retailers build in increased margins to account...
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    Moved here from Ireland and been range/competition shooting for the last few years. Found TnD through an internet search.
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    Looking For 2021 Leases (Reply here if you are looking)

    @dpmiller613 I'd be interested in talking about this. Can you let me know a good time to get hold of you?
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    Looking For 2021 Leases (Reply here if you are looking)

    Would be interested in a lease for my buddy and I within an hour or so of Williamson County.
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    Hi all, Moved to Tennessee three years ago and looking to do some deer hunting. Have done plenty of duck/pheasant/small game hunting over the years but new to the larger game. Looking forward to learning from y'all! Mike

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