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  1. Wobblyshot1

    Goex closing…. Petition too remain open attached below👍

    I don't know the exact reason Hodgdon chose to abandon Goex. They had a fire at the plant back in June where, by the way, there were no injuries. They immediately said the were going to rebuild and we would soon have our beloved powder back on the market. Then in September, suddenly, the closing...
  2. Wobblyshot1

    Goex closing…. Petition too remain open attached below👍

    Smo, I was thinking in order to maybe get more attention and thus views you might like to edit the topic title to include something about the petition....up to you entirely, of course.
  3. Wobblyshot1

    Goex closing…. Petition too remain open attached below👍

    It's been my go to black powder for 50 years and the only one made in the USA..... I signed it and shared it.
  4. Wobblyshot1

    Side by sides

    Dang! You must be an old codger. It was at least 1959/60 before my dad took me squirrel hunting for the first time. I was using a German drilling that he had liberated during the "War".Top barrels were sxs 16 guage over a 8x57jrs rifle barrel.
  5. Wobblyshot1

    Blessed beyond measure

    Congratulations.... Now just keep paying your yearly ransom and the gubment will make sure you can keep it.
  6. Wobblyshot1

    Good Morning Y'all....

    I like ol Jed but Ellie Mae is more photogenic.
  7. Wobblyshot1

    Came across this

    Thumbs up.
  8. Wobblyshot1

    For Sale Lyman 54 cal

    Buy with confidence from southernhunter. The Lyman .54 is a fine traditional style muzzleloader.
  9. Wobblyshot1

    ML kit recommendation?

    You need to check out FrontierGander. He does a pretty good job on kit guns. The link below is one he recently finished. He's done several before I believe. I don't know your skill set but the upper end kits generally require a...
  10. Wobblyshot1

    Tipi Camp

    My old RK Lodge. It was an eighteen footer. I later downsized to a fourteen foot. The photo was made in 1976 at Camp Boxwell boy scout reservation. Myself and three friends made and epic mule deer hunt to Colorado a few years later and during the hunt we were camping in a tipi.
  11. Wobblyshot1

    Rock Lock Hunters?

    Yes, several. Including myself.
  12. Wobblyshot1

    Been Real

    My next door neighbor is from Guadalajara. He's been in the U.S. since 1993. The wife and I were invited over for tacos....chorizo, seasoned flank steak and potatoes. No cheese period. The were delicious.
  13. Wobblyshot1

    East Tennessee Rifle?

    Because that's the smallest Charlie makes. If I'm not mistaken, Ed can go to .25 caliber. Seriously, these sub calibers are a blast to shoot and cheaper than 22 LR per shot. A real fun gun and a squirrel's nitemare.
  14. Wobblyshot1

    Deer #2 Buck #2 CVA ML getting it done in TN

    I like your persistence in the recovery. You look pretty sweaty in the first pic. I dislike hunting when it's so hot.
  15. Wobblyshot1

    Medal of Honor - October 8th, 1918

    Sorry to say but I've found that there's so many Tennesseans that I've brought it up to that don't know his story.
  16. Wobblyshot1

    East Tennessee Rifle?

    Charlie Burton....It's an "a" weight 46" length. Ed has a long wait list but Charlie's turnaround is about six months or so.
  17. Wobblyshot1

    Dad jokes tellers unite

    How did Moses fix his tea.... Hebrewed it.
  18. Wobblyshot1

    Chestnut tree ID.

    Back in the 80s I was fortunate to be a part of a big lease in Hickman County. It was typical know, tall ridges and deep hollows. One day I was way back in one of those hollows and came across a stump and one of the suckers sprouting out it was a fair size. Could hardly believe my...
  19. Wobblyshot1

    Alliant Blue ML pellets

    Saw this on another site. I personally don't know much about them. They look like just another brand substitute to me. Lets compare MSDS BlueMZ ... MZ_SDS.pdf Sodium Benzoate 20% Dextrin 5% Potassium Nitrate 50% Potassium Perchlorate 25% IMR Whitehot...
  20. Wobblyshot1

    Tuning the .40 caliber

    Looks like Mr. Walker did a fine job creating the lines of a Tennessee rifle. Best I can tell, he nailed that trigger guard.

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