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    Third Saturday in October

    You would want to beat bama at home it will mean more. This would not have been a good one to win. Only a handful of fans at the game to celebrate. Maybe that is all that is left. Watch another team that has beat them to know how to act when it happens, as 15 years erases a lot of memories.
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    Its great to be a tn vol

    Were you not crowing when you were ahead, sorry almost winning? Look in the mirror for what you speak about.
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    Third Saturday in October
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    Third Saturday in October

    Did you see the Vol players. Looks like they learned from Ole Miss
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    Its great to be a tn vol

    UT fans think it’s great to be 4 and 4, man how expectations have changed. From winning to can we be competitive.
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    Any Volunteers.....

    Not sure how TN had enough players to finish the game. Seemed like multiple injuries on every series when they were on defense.
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    Any Volunteers.....

    It was loud.
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    Flu shot

    Flu does not exist anymore. Nobody had it last year.
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    Hunt with Laptop From a Climber??

    I hunt in my off time
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    Combo Questions re walking to the stand in the AM

    Uh can’t deer see in the dark therefore they don’t see a light but a guy with a gun.
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    Yet another post about having trouble zeroing a rifle

    Scope looks a little complicated. What are you trying to accomplish with this gun? What are you planning to use it for is the reason I am asking. May help us with how to setup. What type and distance shooting are you doing?
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    It has begun

    Your first pic I thought you were setting up for an afternoon dove shoot. : )
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    I'm surprised that Saban ...

    Do you feel better now?
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    Follow chuck’s hunt. DEER DOWN!!!!! day 2 update

    Congratulations, that is quite the accomplishment
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    ALABAMA V Florida

    That was my point when I said “something for both coaches to build on”.
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    Hunting a WMA (john Tully & Shelby forest )

    Thread of the month. Guy needs help, straight up advice provided. What used to happen on here. No name calling, politics, or viral comments.
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    Bow hunting in the rain

    Best thing is to wait until it quits. Blood trailing is not good in the rain. When you wait adequate time after the shot it gets dicey.
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    ALABAMA V Florida

    Bama overcame a lot of mistakes to hold on. Florida is a good team and never gave up, hats off to them. A lot for each team to build on and I think Florida and Georgia are the lead dogs. Ole Miss will take advantage of what they saw done against Bama and that game could be interesting.
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    FDA Expert: Covid Vaccines Kill More Than They Save

    They call it "practicing" medicine for a reason it always evolves. What works for one does not work for all, what does not work for one does not mean it does not work for anyone else. Some doctors are better than others, that can have a profound impact on the patient. What I gather from this...

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