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    Buck sign on south cherokee

    Sounds better than average for the south Cherokee, to me. I have a ridge in mind where I plan to be next week for the muzzleloader season there. It doesn't have all the sign that you described, though.
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    Hunt with Laptop From a Climber??

    The very idea of this thread is so fricking disgusting to me that I am at a loss for words!
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    Lost Hunter

    I don't know anything about the guy, but I wonder what was his state of mind? Is suicide a possibility? I forget the guy's name, but several years ago there was a weird guy who killed some hikers with a hatchet at several locations around southern Appalachia, including the Cohutta Wilderness...
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    How Do You Pack to Hunt? Survivalist Thread....

    I've never been "lost", but I have been a might confused. Three times that I can recall in over 60 years of hunting and wandering the wildernesses of North America I was uncertain of where I was or which way I needed to go. Twice the fog was so thick that I couldn't see 10 yards. The other...
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    What time do you go in the afternoon

    "... go back..." huh? I go before dawn and stay until dark.
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    Side by sides

    LOL I was referring to your joke about reenactments being necessary to use the old double barrels. Those Victorian and Edwardian gunner's affairs are, indeed, classy events with tweed jackets, and shotguns such as Parkers, L.C. Smith, and some English brands such as Boss. Even the ladies dress...
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    Help needed

    Without knowing your blind setup, if you are in the same area where you had been seeing deer from a tree, and you are still seeing them on your trail cameras, then my guess is that your ground blind is located up wind from where the deer are passing through. They are catching your scent. If you...
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    Florida For The Win

    A lot of those huge container ships are too big to fit through the Panama Canal. They would have to go around "the horn", where there is some of the world's worst weather. I think the way those container ships are stacked high; they couldn't make it through the rough seas around Cape Horn...
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    No! Poke berry. Also known as Ink berry. The young shoots when they first come up are eatable. (poke salad). However after the plant gets a little size to it, then it is poisonous. Huckleberry is simply a wild version of the blueberry.
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    Side by sides

    No class. :rolleyes: Actually, the SXS is becoming more popular once again. Several Italian, Spanish and Turkey (the country) gun companies are making them. Then of course there are the popular Czech CZ double barrels. The problem is that they are more expensive to build than a pump or semi...
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    What do you wish Bass Pro, Cabela's or any other major hunting goods store did or sold?

    I go to Bass Pro, or Cabela's mainly to see what is available, but with their prices being what they are I very rarely buy anything there. I did take a fishing reel there once, trying to get some repair work done on it, but I was told they didn't do that.
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    Side by sides

    I'm an old codger who first began hunting with an ancient single barrel back in 1958. At that time pump-action shotguns were gaining in popularity. I remember one of my uncle's showing up on a family rabbit hunt with a pump. It was quite a sensation. However, for my 12th birthday in 1960 I was...
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    Side by sides

    I prefer them.
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    What year did you start going hunting?

    1958. I was 10 years old then and at that time, in that state (NJ), 10 was the legal age for a kid to carry a gun and hunt with the adults. However, I had actually been allowed to tag along with the adults since I was 8, but not allowed to carry a gun. I have only missed one hunting season...
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    Oregon escapee

    Welcome from Cleveland. I have a brother-in-law who lives in Oregon. He is in one of the Portland suburbs. Non-hunter., but not a liberal either. He just tends to his own business.
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    Rock Lock Hunters?

    Of course.
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    Shout out (Update)

    Looks good. I'm not familiar with Ironhorse Gunworks. Do they do shotguns, too? I have an Ithaca NID (new Ithaca double) that was made in 1927. It was my first gun of my very own, bought used for my 12th birthday in 1960. It needs some minor repair work and then I would like a full...
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    East Tennessee Rifle?

    I don't bother with the traditional clothing, but about all that I have hunted with for the past 25 or 30 years are traditional muzzleloaders, both flintlock and percussion. I love the challenge of a single shot muzzleloader, the tradition, and also getting as close as possible to the game. I...
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    ML kit recommendation?

    Smo already covered it pretty well. But, besides Kibler, there are Jim Chambers, Track of the Wolf, Tennessee Valley Arms, Dixie Gun Works, and some others. These are generally "high end" and are not cheap however. If you really want to try your hand at putting together a kit, unless you are an...

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