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    Is this a rub?

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    TWRA wants input for 2022-23 waterfowl seasons

    The final line is the feds. Not trying to steal the thread, but we've had over 20 years of great production. Well, now its sliding. Watch, a 45 day season is coming. .
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    Ole Brian Laundrie

    The area had been searched, but was under water at the time. It has dried up some they said.
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    President's Island Review

    on a normal yr, as far back as I can remember, the island usually kills 5 to 7, ensley would kill 2 to 4. Chris may be correct, but I have watched it for years, 24 out of 50 hunters is almost 50 percent success. He may have his numbers mixed up a bit. And as far as recovery, the flood was years...
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    Fast growing oak trees?

    yes sawtooths.
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    President's Island Review

    The december hunt will be different, early hunt would have been much better when beans where green
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    No ray, this wasnt in violation. I bought this tract years ago, it was a old field that had a levee the river had washed. I called the river basin, they where familiar with this spot ,and told me l had the right to maintain the levee, just not build it any higher. Also, they came down and done...
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    Oh yea, been there, done that.
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    Boat lights ?

    Oh Lord, Im violating when im working my decoys.
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    A Memorial to my grandson

    Very beautiful memorial. Prayers sent.
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    Wife has covid

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    On the lighter side- maybe whiter side

    Did they throw peanuts? Lol
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    Seeking prayers please

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    Prayer please

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    For Sale Wicked Ridge

    wish u was closer
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    Inflation in Duck Hunting

    look at lease prices now, or better yet, duck hole prices.
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    What year did you start going hunting?

    1968. 8 years old. Got my first bb gun. Lord, wasnt a bird safe in south Madison county. Learned on my own. progressed to a little single barrell 20. squirrels, rabbits, doves, ducks, a few coons. Turned 14 in 1974, got a motorcycle license, had a way to travel, started deer and turkey. Didnt...
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    Blessed beyond measure

    congrats. it opens up a new world. be smart

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