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  1. GreyGoose

    Any Volunteers.....

    🖕🏻Bama Go Vols
  2. GreyGoose

    Peek inside one of my jobs

    That’s cool
  3. GreyGoose

    For Sale M69 Romania training rifle .22lr

    Wish you were closer.Need a good starter for my nephew.GLWS
  4. GreyGoose

    LPT: Life Pro Tips (hunting)

    🍿 just tagging along on this one
  5. GreyGoose


    Freaking pathetic
  6. GreyGoose

    2 jugs pyrodex

    Mighty fine gesture there devo👍🏻
  7. GreyGoose

    Meme fun

  8. GreyGoose

    Meme fun

  9. GreyGoose

    Meme fun

  10. GreyGoose

    Never Owned One of These

    Got a new Bar 3 Stalker 30-06 for my son from a member here last year .Long story short he passed for something else so I now have got some range time here recently with my new favorite rifle.No complaints and itching at the bit to get a kill with this gun
  11. GreyGoose

    Meme fun

  12. GreyGoose

    Tree seat users?

    I have wanted to give one a try but never bit the bullet on getting one.To many good reviews here to not give one a try.Just ordered one and cushion 👍🏻
  13. GreyGoose

    Meme fun

  14. GreyGoose

    Blessed beyond measure

  15. GreyGoose

    For Sale New england firearms 10 guage break open turkey gun and 65 10 ga turkey shells

    Ouch is only word that comes to mind.Though if you were closer then I’d buy just to own one.Seems to be a great deal for someone.GLWS
  16. GreyGoose

    For Sale Bow flex Extreme se

    Memphis Will need to take apart and haul away Open to trades Got around near $1,000.00 invested but open to trades Cash value:$300.00 Trades: 45 ammo 30-06 165 grain 5,56 ammo 50 cal break open muzzloader
  17. GreyGoose


    Welcome to life my friend… 🤣
  18. GreyGoose


    Ask your other half and then you will know…..

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