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    The Cancelled 2020 Tokyo Olympic Fireworks

    The Caption states: The fireworks were prepared by Tokyo for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games this year. The Olympics got cancelled because of the pandemic , but these fireworks could not be stored until 2021, so the Olympic fireworks are displayed at this time. Enjoy the spectacular...
  2. sun

    The 1st NYC Classroom Slaying in 25 Years

    It happened in 2017 and it was done with a knife. I was reading another article about the rising number of NYC school knife confiscations that mentioned the slaying. Also mentioned in this 2nd...
  3. sun

    Amazing 9/11 Rescue Story

    This story sure has some interesting twists and turns. A cop was going to go deer hunting that day but he went to work instead and the world trade center fell on him. A must read.
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    A Different Kind of Chipmunk Trap

    I killed a chipmunk this morning that was a leftover after I had trapped a few using a water bucket topped with sunflower seeds and a plank a couple of months ago. A chipmunk kept digging and digging in a loose stone pathway on the side of the house. It wouldn't go into the bucket, and too many...
  5. sun

    Fans rowdy at Astros - Dodgers rematch
  6. sun

    Butt Buddy - Long Gun Holster I bought a leather Butt Buddy long gun holster many years ago at Cabela's. I like using it much more than carrying a long gun using a sling. I wear it in the front closer to the belly, and the position can be adjusted by sliding it on a belt to the...
  7. sun

    UConn Football to Play SEC teams in 2021 & 2023

    Independent UConn football will play Vanderbilt in 2021. Also scheduled for 2021 is Middle Tennessee and Clemson. UConn will play the University of Tennessee in 2023. An article about UConn scheduling mentions that several schools schedule games a decade in advance. And Clemson and Oklahoma’s...
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    Poll - Which Method Do You Use Most for Deer Hunting?

    Which method do you use most for deer hunting?
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    The Flintlock Rifles of Kentucky’s Hershel House
  10. sun

    Sell Your Squirrel Tails to Mepps

    Has anyone else ever sold their squirrel tails to Mepps to make fishing lures? I did a long time ago after collecting them for years. And they also buy fox tails. They will send you a check unless you'd rather be paid with fishing lures for double their cash value. Their page lists tips about...
  11. sun

    Gov. Lee signs "Name, Image and Likeness Bill"

    They think it can help with college recruiting but many other states are also passing the same bills...
  12. sun

    NFL Signs New Media Deals Worth $100 Billion

    The NFL has signed new media deals with multiple partners worth $100 billion through the 2033 season. That means that there should be a tremendous increase in the NFL salary cap beginning with the 2023 season...
  13. sun

    What's Up with Aaron Rodgers?

    He cray! cray! or what?
  14. sun

    FEMA is Paying Up to $9000 for the Funerals of Covid Victims

    I saw this on the news and didn't realize that the govt was paying for covid related funeral expenses. Up to $9000 per individual, and up to $35,000 per family for multiple deaths. There aren't any income qualifications to be eligible...
  15. sun

    Novavax may soon become the 4th authorized COVID-19 vaccine in the US

    Wait until you read how they make this vaccine.
  16. sun

    UConn Alum is Vandy's New Womens Basketball Coach

    Vandy fired their women's BB coach after a suspended season and having many players transfer out of the program over recent years They hired Shea Ralph, a 13 year UConn assistant coach and former player to be their next head coach. She intends to rebuild their team and to get the Vandy womens...
  17. sun

    Who Remembers the 1976 Swine Flu Fiasco?

    Long story short, in 1976 President Ford believed that the nation was at risk for a swine flu epidemic. He urged a vaccine to be fast tracked and a nationwide inoculation program began. About 25% of the US population was inoculated, a total of 45 million Americans during a period of several...
  18. sun

    The Longest Winning Streak in NCAA History Players come from all over the the USA and the world to attend Trinity College to play squash. Take a look at their 2020 roster...
  19. sun

    The Women's Final Four

    Is anyone following the women's Final Four? UConn has reached the women's Final Four for the 13th consecutive time, and they don't even have any seniors on the team. The NCAA is really hyping freshman Paige Bueckers to become one of the new role models for young girl basketball players...
  20. sun

    Disparities with Mens and Ladies NCAA Tournaments

    If you haven't heard, the ladies teams waiting to play in the NCAA tourney aren't happy concerning the differences with their treatment compared to the men. Among the complaints are the lack of food options, the difference in the quality of the covid tests being used, the lack of weight room...

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