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    Turkey dogs?

    Never done it. Don’t know anything about it. But does anyone still do it or is it essentially extinct? Pure curiosity.
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    Hearing protection?

    Rather than having to take the foam plugs in and out/muffs on and off anyone have any suggestions for really good amplification hearing/protection devices? I know of a few folks with the Walker's game ear and heard about several like Tetra (stickershock) 😳. Yeah the ability to hear is...
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    Farming the Wild

    Anyone watch this show? As a foodie who loves to cook and experiment I think it’s a worthy watch. He’s a Brit with some new-to-me critters like hares and roe deer but many of the dishes translate really well to our stateside game. Maybe give it a try if you haven’t already.
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    Rangefinding binoculars?

    While I have binoculars and a rangefinder (2 separate optics), I know nothing about rangefinding binoculars. Anyone currently use, which brand, and how do you like them?
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    Browning Scout help

    I had a single Defender and the $9.99/mo plan but picked up 2 more…Scouts. I updated my subscription to accept up to 3 cams, added both cams to the new subscription, but they never come online ie- network. Anyone got and Scout experience and lend a little insight?
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    Shedding velvet yet in west TN?

    What county?
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    Barnes TSX/TTSX expansion velocity?

    Does anyone know what Barnes advertises as the minimum velocity for expansion of the copper HPs?
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    Browning Defender + Scout?

    I have a single Browning Defender and I’m looking at maybe adding a Scout or 2. Does anyone know with certainty whether they can share the existing cellular plan and number of photos/month plan?
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    Barnes 22-250 Ammo?

    Anyone got a lead for in-stock online ordering of 50gr Barnes TSX ammo for 22-250?
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    Muzzle Brakes?

    Though I have several ported shotguns, have never owned a rifle with a brake but am looking at one now. I understand their purpose, pros, and cons. Any advice from those that shoot a rifle with a brake? Does adding/removing affect accuracy?
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    22-250…lottttta questions for the aficionados

    Humor me as I’m completely and totally out of my element here. Never owned one, never shot one, and just started my studying. Not in a hurry as my beans are too tall now to keep working on the chucks but they have absolutely set up shop and it seems like when I kill one, 3 come to his funeral...
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    Paht ruamit

    Tried my hand at Thai for the first time. Very healthy, very delicious.
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    2021 UT survey?

    Anyone else get the spring turkey hunting survey?
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    Field bird...

    ...boom. Turkeys on my farm are STILL in winter flocks but knowing after a rain they like to loaf, preen feathers, and dry out in fields I knew where to start. Soft calling and scratching in the leaves finally peeled off 6-8 hens, then the wad of 8-10 jakes, and finally 3 toms. Squeezed the...
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    Turkeys and water?

    How do your turkeys act when water is involved? Creeks, ditches, canals, river swamp standing water etc. My turkeys don’t care one iota and have had strutters in standing water several inches deep. On the other hand have had birds in the Midwest for example, that would hang up on a logging...
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    Gobbling better?

    For those still at it how has the gobbling been the last couple of days? I’ll finally have a chance to get back in the woods end of this week but that first full week of the season, gobbling was horrible. are they hollerin” better on your properties now that maybe there’s fewer hens to compete...
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    Ever had one make you mad at him?

    I worked one in a river swamp until 2p today. He gobbled exactly 1 time coming in then stayed scarcely outside gun range (like he knew the distance to the yard), and strutted and drummed for over an hour. This turkey's gotta go...he knows too much. Ever had one make you mad?
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    In the pines...

    ...boom. I know everyone's not a fan but I really do enjoy hunting in planted pines! Get in tight, call'em close, and touch the trigger when they're right in your lap. Short barrel, 28 yards.
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    Spur displays?

    Anyone got any novel, creative spur displays they can share? Post a do keep your spurs?
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    The forecast for this weekend and 1st part of next week looks good. I’ll take it after this past weekend.

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