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    Help with Age

    Is this deer 3.5 or 4.5? This picture screams 4.5 to me but most of the others I have of him make me lean 3.5. His horns also scream 3.5 to me.
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    Old Fella

    We’ve got some history with this guy. He added an 8th point this year. We think he’s 6.5 but know him to be a minimum 5.5. Unfortunately he seems to range shift away from our property and other family property nearby that we can hunt. He summers on us and then seems to disappear about the time...
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    Accident Shooting Death

    Anyone heard anything about the accidental gun death up around Paris, TN this morning? I can't find anything online up to this point. Very sad situation as the deceased leaves behind one year old twin children.
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    2020 Chevy Silverado Wheels and Tires

    Like the title says, I’ve got a set of 2020 Silverado wheels and tires that came off my truck. Tires had 15,xxx miles on them when I put new wheels and tires on it. 20 inch wheels with a 6 lug pattern. $1,000 cash will get them.
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    Hole In One

    Been on vacation since this past Sunday. Started Sunday off by playing 45 holes at Sweetens Cove in South Pittsburg. If any of you golfers on here haven’t played it add it to your list. Monday I turkey hunted with a buddy and we ended up doubling on 2 fine gobblers around 10:35. We headed out...
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    Bathroom Tile Question

    Anyone care to give me a rough guess of what it should cost to have ~ 65 sq ft of tile laid in a bathroom? They may have to put down some backer board as well because whoever laid the original tile laid it straight down on the subfloor for some reason. I what what the materials will cost. Just...
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    Gun Safe Recommendations

    I ran out of space in my somewhat small gun safe a while ago and have been looking around a little for a new safe, but wasn't in a big hurry. My mom just informed me that she's ready for my brother and I to split my late father's guns so it's definitely time to get a bigger safe. I'm a buy once...
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    Need Some Advice...Did I Miss

    Long story short I shot at a dandy buck this evening in a bean field. He was running across the field when I saw him. I tried to stop him 5-6 times bleating at the top of my lungs to little avail. He did slow from a run to a trot but I decided he wasn’t gonna stop. I shot at him trotting at...
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    Joined In On the Fun - updated with trail cam pic from last year

    Last Saturday morning I toted a climber in to a spot I hunted a lot last year and killed a nice 7 point from. Last year it was a bean field that remained standing until late December. The farmer decided not to plant the field this year. I checked it late summer and it was just grass and weeds...
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    Saddle Hunting

    I know there have been a ton of threads posted about this, but I haven’t been too interested until here recently. This whole season and part of last season I’ve been carrying the same Summit climber in and out of the woods on almost every hunt. In years past even when I hunted from a climber I...
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    Fist Full of Dirt Podcast

    Anyone else listen to Cuz Strickland's podacst? I rather enjoy it. This week he interviews our very own Catman along with Aaron Warbritton from the Hunting Public.
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    Big Body

    Anyone care to guess age on this guy? I saw him on the hoof last year during the velvet hunt so we have a little history with him and I have my personal guess.
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    Base and Ring Recommendations

    I just bought a new Tikka T3x Lite 7-08 that I'm going to top with a Meopta Meopro 4.5x14-44. Anyone have a recommendation for a good base/ring combo? I'm not opposed to one or two piece.
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    Local Stud Hits Ground

    This deer was killed tonight in my local area by a friend of mine. Dandy dandy buck. He green scored it at 175 and change. Don’t think he will have the velvet stripped to score it hard horn. I saw a few other pictures that did it more justice but I couldn’t crop his face out of them as easily as...
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    West Tn Gunsmith

    Anyone recommend a good gunsmith in west or east middle TN? I've got an A-Bolt 7mm-08 that just doesn't shoot as well as it used to and I've applied all of my limited knowledge to trying to fix it and nothing has helped. Want to get it looked at to see if a smith can find a problem or possibly...
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    Question About Pine Timber Prices

    I know pine prices are down, but can anyone give me a rough guesstimate on how much income would be produced by a second thinning of roughly 90 acres planted pine? How about how much would be produced 6-10 years later when it was clear cut? Thanks
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    Great Weekend

    Been a pretty great weekend for me. Started off yesterday with a buddy and we called a bird through 4 foot high cotton stalks. I knew that at some point in time turkeys probably used cotton fields but I never imagined one would actually get out in all those stalks and do his thing. We were...
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    Tiger Woods

    One of my best buddies from high school is a C130 pilot stationed at Miaramar. My wife and I came to see him this weekend and headed out to Torrey Pines to catch some of the golf tourney. Got this picture of the Big Cat during his round. This is the first time I’ve seen him play a live...
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    3 Toed Doe

    Had a successful late season bow hunt this morning. I’ve probably carried my bow 15 times since bow season trying to kill another doe or two and other than 1 hunt where I passed up a shot due to having a decent buck in the field, I have had 0 shot opportunities. Had a lot of very close calls but...
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    Gnarly 7

    Killed my first buck of the year yesterday afternoon. Had hunted this particular spot a few times already this year and kept seeing a large track in the field every time I went. I actually jumped this buck walking in yesterday. He was bedded down in a grass field that the farmer wasn’t able to...

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