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  1. Knothead

    Care to score?

    He crosses there nearly every day, but has yet to give me a side view.
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  3. Knothead

    Blind heater

    Buddy Heater w/o question. You will absolutely freeze solid trying to stay warm on a cold late December morning if you only have a single burner mr heater that screws to the propane tank. Those are way over rated and light up about 40% of the time, or at least, that’s been my experience.
  4. Knothead

    Care to score?

    Let’s hear the guesses?
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  6. Knothead

    Nephew Lost To COVID

    So sorry. There are no words that will provide the complete comfort you and the family need right now. That comfort is only found in Christ, and I hope you’ll take comfort in Him. Prayers for you and the family during this time. 🙏
  7. Knothead


    I know dogs can’t read, and it ain’t their fault they are trespassing. They don’t know. They’re just doing what they do. Roam & hunt. That’s their natural instinct. But I do not understand how the owners can be so irresponsible and allow such. They got two more days to hopefully like their...
  8. Knothead

    WTB 30-30 Ammo

    Check Ammo Yard. Pricey, but who isnt these days? 😡
  9. Knothead

    Eating predators ?

    No truer words ever spoken!! 🤮
  10. Knothead

    Eating predators ?

    I’ve eaten raccoon before. It’s very tasty!!
  11. Knothead

    September 22nd

    Happy Fall, Y’all ‘m
  12. Knothead

    Thanks Buckwild !! Seriously!

    Oh no!! That’s no good. Hope they get you on some antibiotics and get it cleared up soon.
  13. Knothead

    Don’t take em for granted.

    Sorry, brother. I know it hurts. The love we have for a pet is unique—-unlike any other kind of love. Losing that hurts. I still miss my Lab who left for Rainbow Bridge way back in 2005. It’s ok to shed a tear for your lost companion. Hang in there.
  14. Knothead

    What’s your current dog look like

    Ooops, sorry y’all. My bad. I posted a pic of the ‘dad’ of our big boy, Hank. Hank is a full blood English Labrador. He’s big, but not as big as his ‘dad’. These English labs are such good pets….and so good around the grandchildren. They are much more similar in looks and size to a...
  15. Knothead

    Thanks Buckwild !! Seriously!

    BW, did you have a skin graft on yours?
  16. Knothead

    I-65 South??

    Where in Florida are you going? We usually go I 65S past Montgomery and take the DeFuniak Springs exit. That’s when we go to Seaside, but not sure where you are headed.
  17. Knothead

    Thanks Buckwild !! Seriously!

    Had to stop by the store on the way home from doc’s office to get some Ibuprofen. People just stare at ya like you’re an alien or something (admittedly, it does look a bit odd). One little kid just couldn’t take his eyes off me. I spoke to him and asked how old he is. He said he was 5. Then he...
  18. Knothead

    Thanks Buckwild !! Seriously!

    If any of y’all feel a little itchy, rough bump anywhere, go get it checked. Glad I did, and had it not been for Buckwilds post, I probably would have just ignored it. I went in 2-3 weeks ago for a biopsy. Came back as Basalioma (basal cell carcinoma). Went in at 7 am this morning for MOHS...
  19. Knothead

    Shooting houses and projects

    As do mine. If we have winds strong enough to pull up T-posts, then I think I would have greater concerns and more to take care of than a shooting house.