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  1. Antler Daddy

    For Sale Remington 700 price change

    That rifle is nicer than anything plastic you could buy at Wally World this weekend. And, the caliber will hunt the world.
  2. Antler Daddy

    Trailcam video of buck half eaten

    I tend to think it is faked moviemaking. Surely, there are enough blood vessels in that area that he would never stop bleeding. If not, it is just something that will be difficult to top on video. It
  3. Antler Daddy

    For Sale For sale or Trade Gordonsville,Tn

    That would make for an awesome park and leave camping setup!
  4. Antler Daddy

    What’s one thing you take hunting that you think know one else does?

    If I actually thought carrying a tourniquet was a good idea, I would probably not be going. Anything can happen I guess, but if I bleed out in a minute maybe they will find me before the coyotes eat too much.
  5. Antler Daddy

    What’s one thing you take hunting that you think know one else does?

    Sounds like a great idea for an app
  6. Antler Daddy

    Sunday Hunting

    It is a blue law that needs to go away. The same people who support No Sunday Hunting will likely support nothing on Sunday. No shopping No hiking No boating No restaurants No tv No sporting events No fishing No haybaling No plowing No movies No dating No hanky panky No politics No news No car...
  7. Antler Daddy

    Sunday Hunting

    Sunday hunting bans are no different than covid mandates. Somebody just wants to tell you what you can and can’t do. The bans are rooted in old times forgotten with no rhyme or reason. They also discriminate against Jews and Adventist’s.
  8. Antler Daddy

    Sunday Hunting

    I will also say that hunting culture in NC and TN is night and day differently. I rarely met many hunters. Those I did meet either traveled out west US or to eastern NC for hunting. Fast forward and move to west TN and every kid seemed to live in Camo sweatshirts. TN is very diverse as well...
  9. Antler Daddy

    Sunday Hunting

    I lived in NC for 13 years. I basically did not deer hunt for 10 years other than some early trips to KY and TN. A lot of it had to do with no hunting on Sundays. It also did not help that my employer had one on our most important annual meetings scheduled on top of the Nov. opening rifle and...
  10. Antler Daddy

    Cellular camera

    They had a bunch of Reveals at Cabelas/bass pro for the weekend, but they are all gone now.
  11. Antler Daddy

    Redfield 10x42 binos

    I have not received yet and not sure if they have even shipped. Anyone received yet?
  12. Antler Daddy

    For Sale Old Side by Side cheap

    I’m #2. I really hope to get it.
  13. Antler Daddy

    Scope rubber bumps

    Cool…I wonder why Leupold just does not use one?
  14. Antler Daddy

    WTB Rifle scope

    Have you looked at the Minox that I have listed?
  15. Antler Daddy

    Numbers 5&6

    How is that program funded?
  16. Antler Daddy

    Ammo at Bass Pro

    I found 9 boxes of 20 gauge hornady sst at Cabelas yesterday. I bought 5. $90 sure seems steep for slug rounds.
  17. Antler Daddy

    Aquarium free to anyone who wants it

    Great offer! I always wanted one. This should probably be in the pay it forward forum, or classifieds for $1.
  18. Antler Daddy

    Scope rubber bumps

    I don’t want to pick on Leupold, but why do most scopes have a rubber piece on the scope bell to help prevent your eye from being knaskhed? I have not been hit in years, but my daughter was. Do they sell a slip on rubber ring?
  19. Antler Daddy

    YouTube attacks Hunting/Fishing

    If YouTube takes away my moose hunting videos....I’ll be ticked off! I love watching moose drop hunt videos. The only thing I have heard is that Seek One was demonetized and they are working on it. If THP and Midwest Whitetails disappear, then maybe I don’t need this internet YouTube tv anymore.
  20. Antler Daddy

    For Sale Old Side by Side cheap

    Pm sent