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    Bass fishing tomorrow question

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    Blind heater

    I use the Big Buddy in my RV. Holds two propane bottles and even has a fan which you don't really need. Rarely use on high. It will run you out. My first regular size Buddy heater lasted many years before dying. If this one dies, I will get another one. Down side is cost of the propane bottles...
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    RV travel trailer

    Looking for dehumidifier for RV. Anyone use one? Recommendations appreciated, thanks.
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    A few days in Chicago

    If you are a baseball fan go to Wrigley and see the Cubs play (if they are in town). "L" Red Line. Navy Pier, Carmines on Rush Street, lots of good steak houses. Avoid the infamous "South Side".
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    Knife sharpener

    are you going into battle? too funny
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    Got my bird back.

    That looks really good. To be able to do that is a gift.
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    First Lite - 20% off Whitetail Packages

    thanks for sharing
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    First Lite - 20% off Whitetail Packages

    I was thinking about taking the plunge. Anybody own any of this clothing? Looking at Solitude Jacket & Bibs. Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Back Pack Emergency Supplies

    dang skippy, mud butt happens
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    Powder vs. Pellets? Top bullets? For Muzzleloaders

    Same here...both my CVA Apex and Accura shoots great with 110 grains BH and Barnes TEZ 250
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    Muzzleloader 209 Primer

    I have not been able to find 209a primers for Blackhorn. I live in Ooltewah and have checked numerous places.
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    ALABAMA V Florida

    me either....Ole Miss (H) is no slouch and Texas A&M (A). And IF they play Georgia for the SEC crown...Georgia is solid.
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    Home defense

    12 gauge with 00 buck shot
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    New hunting property.

    true, true
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    Credit card

    When I was discharged from the Navy in the seventies I wanted to buy a new auto. I had never borrowed any money from a lending institution. I went to see my brother in law who was a successful banker in Knoxville. He told me that I had no credit history and most likely no one would lend me any...
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    Credit card

    I have several, including a "Capitol One". The wife and I had dinner and I used aforementioned card. I always leave a good tip. This time maybe a little more because the server was exceptional. By the time I got to my truck, Capitol One had text me to inquire about tip. This has happened...
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    Wide guy!

    goal post
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    Hunting knife????

    got it
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    County fair rides. Are they safe

    No way, no one gets in to see the Wizard
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    Let's talk packs

    I finally found one I like...Horn Hunter G3