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    Making spinners

    Anybody ever make their own spinners, I love Mepps spinners but they’re really high. Just been looking around and it doesn’t seem hard but trying to find a good kit or pieces?
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    Crickets and cicada flies

    Just been piddling around a bit
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    Sold/Expired Turkey fan

    Ready to mount on a plaque turkey fan $45
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    Sold/Expired Black Ops pellet rifle

    $25 .177 break barrel action pellet rifle- needs a scope-
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    Bass poppers

    Tied a few,
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    Bass poppers

    Trying to tie a few bass poppers- let me know what y’all think-
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    Sold/Expired WTB scope

    4x16x40 Bushnell banner or 4x12 6x24x40 Bushnell? 4x32 fixed- for pellet rifle 6x18x50 Bushnell banner Other brands would work as well,
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    Sold/Expired WTB 7’ fly rod or shorter 4 weight

    Need a 7’ or shorter fly rod 4 weight
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    Tied a few waxies

    Gonna try these in some tribs up north for Big browns!
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    Sold/Expired WTB white River dogwood canyon flyrod

    7 or 7’6 foot 4 or 5 weight - have a reel but would take a look at combo too Lost mine in a flood!
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    Lost a fly rod

    Flipped my kayak in lick creek During a flash flood in Hickman county, lost a 7’6” 5 weight white river dogwood canyon fly rod with light green fly line, $50 reward if anybody finds it!! It was my first fly rod ever and I had had it for 14 years- just grasping for straws!
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    Sold/Expired 8 Gun cabinet for sale

    Fits 8 guns with scopes and both locks work with keys. Asking 80 obo attachment=2]2DE7153E-330F-48CC-B07D-9CB945DC10C0.jpeg[/attachment] - live in Columbia
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    Sold/Expired Great trapping starter kit - Traps and wire stretchers

    1 #6,5,4 wire stretchers 1 330 conibear 3 - #1 1/2 duke rubber jaw 2 - #1 1/2 duke offset 1 - #1 victor coilspring 2- -#2 Bridger 4 coil laminated jaw 3 swivel double stake swivel with stakes 2 - #2 Bridger Rubber Jaw double stake set up with stakes and double swivel $110 for the whole bunch or...
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    Hecs/ ozonics

    Not lookin to buy either but was watching a hunting show and was wondering if anyone had used them and what they thought?
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    AC problem 03 envoy

    Okay need some help - AC stops blowing after about 10 minutes of driving - 2003 gmc envoy - have replaced AC compressor switch, orifice and have plenty of Freon, have no clue what it could be..
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    Caney Fork/ elk river below Tim’s ford

    So I fished the caney about a week ago and had a few follows but got skunked- first time ever. I have t been in several years though and the last time I went biglefty20 and I wore them out... was I just having a bad day with the one generator running or is fishing there is good as it once was...
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    Sold/Expired DPMS oracle

    Dpms oracle for sale. Gun and 29 rounds of Tul 55gr fmj, 20 rounds of PMC 55gr fmj, 15 rounds of federal American eagle 50gr JHP, 20 rounds of federal fusion 62 grain. Set of Burris xtreme tactical 1" scope mounts. $700. Text 931-215-5380
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    Mojo Tail Chaser Max

    I know some people disagree on "reaping" and I only use it as a last resort, but has anyone ever used the Mojo Tail Chaser Max and had any luck with it. I've used some small homemade jake fans and not had much luck. Prefer to outwit them and call them into my lap... Just would like to have...
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    Bob White Springs

    Has anybody ever fished at Bob White Springs? I was looking to go soon and was wondering if anyone had any experience?
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    Hunting in High Wind

    Well, I'm still looking for that big one like most of us and after hunting all weekend with no luck I'm already checking the weather for next weekend. Saturday in Middle Tennessee its supposed to super windy. Not my favorite way to hunt- anybody ever have any luck on those 10mph plus days...