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    Straight to Hell Boys

    This is something we all can agree on!
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    Do this, covid topic

    I'm on day 23 and still fighting double pneumonia, i was down 16 days but feel pretty good now except my breathing.
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    Do this, covid topic

    I took it and it did nothing for me and I'm not saying it's good or bad just that it did nothing for me, I just kept getting sicker and felt like I was prepping for a colonoscopy.
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    For Sale 3-Rifles for sale

    Most don't understand that This is exactly what I been thinking the whole time, if he is making money then he is good at what he does.
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    My journey this week with covid

    Glad your better my covid experience was awful, I was down for 16 days and developed double pneumonia but I slowly started getting better by day 14 and now day 23 I feel pretty good but my breathing is awful and can't even take a deep breath with feeling like my chest is ripping open, my dr said...
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    Do this, covid topic

    This is the most disappointi This is the most disappointing comment that I've ever seen on this site, even though you could care less but you let alot of people down with this one. I'm truly sorry you lost a friend and I have as well but I would never say anything like that out of respect for...
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    Do this, covid topic

    Especially after reading the past couple of weeks on here how many people has lost friends and loved ones.
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    Nothing like.....

    We bought some land that had a pretty good old farmhouse that was being rented and we kept the renter and after couple years the renter called and said the hot water heater was out and we sent a plumber out and he said it was a 68 model and this was 3 years ago, bet you can't find another one...
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    You know we all went through it thinking we had the world figured out and really didn't know anything. The difference between now and then was when my dad told us something the first time and you didn't listen then you felt it the 2nd time.
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    Prayers needed!

    Prayers for yall
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    Kentucky deer license

    I paid it for several years and then we lost our spot due to someone else offering more money for the lease and I miss it bad and would love to be paying it again.
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    COVID hitting close to home

    Prayers, alot of people are suffering right now.
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    good modern country?

    Yall ever start in on cody jinks, ward davis, whitey morgan, steel woods, and a bunch of others that are not on the radio and I promise that you will no longer turn on another country radio station ever, cody jinks is about to drop 2 new albums, 1 is a country album and the other one is gonna be...
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    My girls

    I thought yall done chopped the dogs up, talk about from farm to table 🤣 J/K by the way!
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    Life Estate question.

    I bought my neighbors house 1 years ago and he is an elderly man who only has 1 surviving step child and our deal was he wanted me to buy the house and I did and gave him a life estate and our deal is, if he passes away then the house immediately goes to my possession or if he decided to move to...
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    Ivermectin - Good Article

    15mg twice a day, I was taking 5 3mg pills each dosage and it wore me out and I can tell you that I wasn't getting any relieve from my covid symptoms, this is the 2nd time I've had covid and actually this time has been so much harder than it was the first time.
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    Ivermectin - Good Article

    I'm still here for now fighting my tail to beat this double pneumonia, im not out of the woods just yet.
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    Ivermectin - Good Article

    My doctor prescribed it too me and I couldn't see any help at all unless you just love sitting pooping all the time. This was no scientific study but a real world study and here I am 8 days in with double pneumonia and can honestly say it's been the roughest week of my life.
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    For Sale John deere 5055d

    Sold pending pickup tomorrow, thank yall.
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    For Sale John deere 5055d

    Sorry haven't been on and I've been overwhelmed with pm's, still have it but have someone coming too look on sunday.