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  1. Gronk

    What Is This

    Throughout the summer I see black and yellow waspy looking things that are constantly bringing small twigs and clippings and building nests (I assume) in our front porch railing. Then every so often I see a little mess like this. The wasps seem harmless, never bother us. Ideas on what’s doing...
  2. Gronk

    You guys made me braver

    Never was one for handling snakes. Heard our smallest dog barking incessantly outside. Went out and found this little fella off the front porch. Was just beginning to shed. Cool being able to see and hold it. Thanks TnDeer!
  3. Gronk

    Snake ID?

    Snapped this pic in the shop. Sorry didn’t get a picture of the head. About 10-12 inches long
  4. Gronk

    PCP Marshall County

    Looking for a new primary care physician in the Marshall County area. Live in Lewisburg and had one in Nashville area for about 10 years. I worked in Nashville area so it was convenient. Moved to Lewisburg about 6 years ago and continued going to him as I really liked him, drive didn’t...
  5. Gronk

    Local Hero

    Cop runs into explosive house fire to rescue disabled woman, bodycam video shows Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  6. Gronk

    Treadmill Purchase

    Looking to invest in a treadmill. The family and I are looking to get fit. Went to Chattanooga recently and did quite a bit of walking. The kids and more so me really enjoyed it. The kids liked the treadmill in the fitness room more than the walking about. Looking to purchase one strictly...
  7. Gronk

    Chattanooga Mask Mandate?

    Going on Sunday and coming back Wednesday. Do the attractions and restaurants require masks? Hate the mask deal, but don’t want the family missing out on anything because I’m stubborn. Thanks
  8. Gronk

    Amazon at it again......

    Selling “BLUE LIVES MURDER” apparel. Loathsome SOB of a company. Try my best to never order from them.
  9. Gronk

    French Mastiff Needs A New Home

    We have a 3 year old male French Mastiff needing a new home. I reached out to a Mastiff Rescue this morning but haven’t heard back yet. Thought, what the heck, put it up here as well. Maybe no takers but maybe someone knows an organization I can contact. Reuben, the mastiff, attacked another...
  10. Gronk

    Sean Hannity

    Anybody attending/checking out the 6 Republican governors on FOX right now? Didn’t know this was happening until I switched over. Painting a clear picture of the state of politics in our country right now. Talking about COVID but moving to policing after the break
  11. Gronk

    Prayer Request

    Don’t want to go into detail at this point about the circumstances regarding this request. I do know that I have been here long enough that I believe in the power of prayer. Our 18 year old that lives in the home has caused lots of reasons to abandon him (for lack of a better word) and send...
  12. Gronk

    Steak tenderizer

    Hated to start a new thread for this question but making my wife a steak tonight (rest of us are having chili dogs 😀). Couldn’t remember the recent thread that mentioned using baking soda and a search didn’t seem to bring it up. Anyone mind reminding how you recommended doing this? Thanks
  13. Gronk

    Biden Addresses the Country

    Anyone else can’t help but commentate during the whole address? Wife hates I can’t keep my yapper shut. I disagree with about 95% of what THEY stand for.