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    Mold Remediation ?

    For mold to grow two things must be present, moisture and stagnant air. Fix one of those things and mold will die. However if you don't remove the moisture it will cause other problems. There are two ideas of how to do that with a crawl space. One and the cheapest is ventilation and a vapor...
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    Comments on Classifieds

    I don't think there needs to an overreaction to one jerk. With the rare exception the replies are helpful
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    Remington .270 Core Lokt 130 grain at Midway

    I shot core-lokts years ago out of my 7mm mag until I started handloading. I have piled up a lot deer with them. Never had a problem with them.
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    Sold/Expired Shotgun scope

    I'm not sure. What do you have
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    Sold/Expired Shotgun scope

    Weekend bump. Open to trades as well
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    For Sale 9 easton acc arrows

    The hunting arrows that I have ever used
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    Sold/Expired Shotgun scope

    Pentax lightseeker sg plus shotgun scope 0-4x power. Very good condition. It was on a turkey gun but can be used on a slug gun.asking 100 plus shipping cost.
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    Question for the experts

    If you are near Knoxville I know a guy that is great in fixing stuff like that. I don't know how expensive he is but he does great work
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    Shooting House Plans

    I build panels and screw them together so they can be disassembled and moved
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    For Sale Crossbow

    I am selling a tenpoint woodsman se crossbow this is the what the titan is now. This was my father's and I don't need it. The string was replaced in 2014 but hasn't been shot 50 times, probably not thirty and still looks in great shape, but it is 7 years old. It has a Nikon BDC crossbow scope on...
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    Barrel and stock

    I'm going to bump this. If anyone is interested shoot me an offer. Nothing will offend me. Open to trades also. They have been laying in the way for years. They are leaving the house this weekend one way or the other.
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    Barrel and stock

    I have a Remington 700 barrel and stock. Barrel is chambered for 300 win mag. They are in good condition but not perfect. The gun was bought for the action for a custom build. Asking for a reasonable offer would prefer to do face to face. I'm in Knoxville.
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    How hard is it to draw an Iowa tag???

    About 7 or 8 years ago I got drawn 2 years in a row. First for muzzleloader and second year for shotgun. The guy's farms I hunted on had guys that drew every year
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    Garage building costs

    I'm a contractor and my bid would be around 32k without any electric or plumbing
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    Which slugs do you use?

    Accutips if you can find them. I used to use federal Barnes expanders. The Barnes were absolutely the most devastating bullet I have ever seen. My savage 12 gauge shot the sst slugs the best
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    What day pack

    They aren't cheap but the badlands packs are very high quality
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    Not anything I can say to make you feel better but I will pray that God will give you comfort that only he can give. It won't be an easy ride but trust in the Lord
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    Corn conversation.

    I have never had any luck with the pellets
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    Timney trigger

    It will belong to omega. Will send donation when I receive the money.
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    Timney trigger

    I have a timney trigger for a 700. My father had bought it sometime before he passed. I am not sure which model it is but the paperwork that is in it says for a Remington model 700. I will take 50.00 for it face to face or ship on the buyers dime.