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    New Vaccine Question for Meglomaniac

    This is me right now and was disappointed when they pushed their US approval out. I will not take the mRNA based vaccines. I was considering the J&J but when it had some issues I decided to wait. I will say when all this crap hit last year I started taking vitamins for immune health and have not...
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    When did archery, become nerd science class?

    I am the same way just can’t leave something alone. It drive my wife nuts. She will ask but what is wrong with it and I will say nothing I just have to know how it works and I can make it better.
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    Looking for new bow sight for Mathews V3

    I am trying out a spot Hogg fast Eddie 2 pin where the pins are fixed and stacked in the center. I also like the larger field of view with a single pin and had tried a 5 pin last year but just couldnt get use to the crowded view again. Like others have said higher cost sights are usually just...
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    The crud that's going around

    I had it start last Friday with a sore throat that transgressed to sinus congestion and feeling very weak for two days. The sinus headaches were the worst part and felt like a migraine. I am not 100% but do feel loads better today. I also do the vitamin c, zinc, and elderberry every day. So...
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    Left or Right handed?

    Everything you just said is exactly what I do too but I would like to think I am pretty good at fishing though.
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    No permit to carry handgun

    This right here. I also do not worry about accidental discharge while carrying as I have it holstered correctly. I also do not worry about it if I am holding or using it because of training and practicing proper gun safety. I know people who will not carry one loaded which in my opinion is just...
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    No permit to carry handgun

    My man concern is also being able to carry in other states. I don’t want it to get to where other states do not honor our carry permit. Just a guess but I doubt the % is high on people that train or research rules/regulations outside the class anyway. As for the Walmart comment about people...
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    For you guys in bear country

    I haven’t had an issue with tree stands but have had them chew on trail cameras. Biggest problem is around the house and them getting into trash like someone else said just a big raccoon. Because of this we keep our trash locked in a storage shed but have had them claw and chew on the door...
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    Any zelda fans here?

    If you do switch online you can play the original ones that were on nes and snes
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    Any zelda fans here?

    Zelda fan here as well. I won’t lie on days where I have hunted in a box stand over looking a field I have taken the switch to play BoW. This year is the 35th anniversary and there are rumors of BoW 2 and a few of the older games coming to the switch this year.
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    White House Instagram

    I noticed it as well. I did not choose to follow them so I reported it as spam.
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    Guys that bowhunt during gun?

    I just enjoy it and the challenge. I still gun hunt when going to certain properties or if I am hunting with a friend in a box blind we have over looking a few fields. I have harvested a mature buck with a gun and muzzleloader so next is to harvest one with a bow and why I hunt with a bow most...
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    thoughts on camera’s

    I love running cameras and enjoy it just as much as hunting. I also enjoy getting pictures other than deer. For example this year I have been tracking a family of bobcat and a fox around the farm. I have switched over to all cell cameras because I do think you run the risk of causing deer to...
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    East tn trout

    I sent you a PM of some places in NE TN where you shouldn't have to fight crowds and have pretty good road access.
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    Toyota 4runner

    I have a 2014 and have enjoyed it. It has 50k and has only need routine maintenance. It does feel to be under powered but that is because Toyota has given it horrible throttle response to make you get better gas mileage. If you floor it the computer will decide that you truly need all the ponies...
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    Luke Bryan

    I don't listen to his music but I am sure it is like most Hollywood stuff where someone goes hey Luke you like to hunt and fish right we'll sing this song. From what I have seen on buck commander he does seem to be more "real" then some the other people on hunting shows. I think on one episode...
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    Orange Beach (some graphic pictures)

    You sure that bruising is from the water slide and not from your wife after slamming her finger in the tailgate? : ) Looks like you were staying at Caribe. That is where we stay when we go to Orange Beach and really one of my favorite places to stay down there since it is kinda away from...
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    "see through" Semi-trucks

    You watch some idiot will run into the back of the semi because they didn't notice the truck. It would almost be like the painted tunnel from Looney Tunes
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    New TN Logo

    You see it is actually a very expensive magic 3d image that if you stare it for a long time and cross your eyes it turns into a picture of butch jones building a mail box
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    East TN trout fishing

    The Doe River is another good area if you are looking for a good amount of public access to a stocked river. Also if you fish Laurel Fork in Dennis Cove and fish up stream from the campground at the first cable crossing it becomes a Wild Trout Stream and is single hook artificial only. The same...