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    Saw my first teal of the year over the weekend. I am always amazed at how excited I get at seeing the first teal of the year. Now we just need a little rain to improve habitat conditions.
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    Spypoint customer service

    Received a Spypoint camera as a gift last Christmas and have been using it over the Summer on my soybeans. It started sending blacked out pictures for the night time photos. I reached out to Spypoint and 20 minutes later they have a new camera being sent out, pleasantly surprised by their...
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    Polaris Ranger shop/mechanic recommendation

    I have 2006 ranger that is acting up and throwing some codes(4-1 & 4-5) and looking for a reputable shop in the Collierville area. It'll start up and idle great but the second you give touch the pedal and give it gas, it dies. If anyone has a good recommendation I would be very appreciative...
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    Food Plots Dwarf Corn

    Anyone have experience with dwarf corn. I planted some this past May and I am a little surprised at how tall it has grown. It is almost 6 ft tall already, at V5. I have used Dekalb corn in the past with great results but it grows to 8ft+ and subsequently the deer are able to move through it...
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    Old Trail Cameras

    What does everyone do with their old cameras? I have 4 or 5 laying around that I haven't used in sometime. Thought about just throwing them out. Couple cheap tascos, bushnell, and brownings.
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    Deer Harvest #s

    Took a look on the hunters tool box for Fayette and Hardeman county total harvest. Compared to 2016 there has been a pretty steady decline in harvest totals. I'd like to be optimistic and attribute it to the 2 buck limit but apparently CWD is having a measurable impact on hunters killing deer...
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    Great last couple of hunts

    Didn't do much duck hunting in December and my January started off pretty slow, but found some birds late last week and was able to put together 3 great hunts. Numbers weren't impressive but the birds would work and finish. Mallards and teal made up the limits and was able to find a hot snipe...
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    Lost Cattle-Fayette County

    Have 4-6 cattle show up on my farm in South Fayette county near Slayden Road/Troxel Plant. Trying to locate the owner but not having any luck. Have several neighbors with cattle but they do not belong to any of them Thought I would post on here to see if anyone was missing some cattle. I...
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    Sold/Expired 2013 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab Z71 4WD- Reduced Price

    2013 Silverado Ext Cab Z71 4WD for sale. $11,000 One owner No accidents 198k miles/5315 hrs 5.3L V8 Cloth Interior A/T tires Replaced oxygen sensors and Tire Monitoring Sensors. COLD AC Runs great and body is in great shape. Will be a great truck for someone Located in SW TN Please PM for...
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    Time to burn

    Reminder that the next couple of weeks are a great time to do your controlled burns. Call/online and get your permit from the forester.
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    Turkey Limit

    I see the limit is still 4 birds this year, kind of surprised that they kept it at 4, I thought there was some debate that they may reduce it to 2 or 3.
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    Anyone still shooting any doves? While deer hunting last weekend, I noticed I had a lot of doves working a corn field and thought I may need to try and get one more good dove hunt in before it ends.
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    Mature buck per acre?

    The thread about skill vs land quality brought up many great points about not being able to kill what's not there. I have been trying to find studies or data that would give an idea of how many mature (4.5+) bucks are on a section(640 ac) of land. What are your thoughts on mature bucks/acre?
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    Ames Deer Population

    I have an interest in learning more about the age structure of a deer heard and a more balanced sex ratio. I have read and requested information from Ames' website but wanted to hear from the several folks on here that have been long time members. I imagine that the biologist have conducted...
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    Drew Montana

    Found out today that my brother and I drew Montana! We will be heading out there for a Mule deer rut hunt in mid- November. It's been a couple years since my last Mule deer hunt and will be ready to go! Who else drew?!
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    Good Article on Quail

    Since we have several folks interested in quail, I thought I'd share with the group. Pretty good read. ... -solution/
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    DIY Reds in Louisiana - Help

    Duck season is over and wrapping up deer hunting in AR and I am looking forward to spring fishing. Looking to trailer my boat down to Louisiana and chase some Reds. Only problem is I have never been down to that stretch of water. I don't mind paying a guide for his local expertise but would...
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    Ended with Band

    Ended the season by picking up a banded teal. It was a great way to start the morning and end the season. Turns out it was banded in Imperial, SK Canada. Makes the second teal that's I've shot that was banded. The other one was shot down in Everglades City, FL and was banded outside of...
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    Quick Morning Hunt

    I couldn't resist the cold temps this morning to hit some flowing water before work. I had scouted a few timbers holes last night in the dark and they were already freezing up signaling that the birds would be hitting some of the moving water. Sure enough, got out there this morning, and had...
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    Tripod Stands

    I normally hunt out of climber but have some areas that a tripod could work but never used one and wanted to see what others had to say about them. I primarily bow hunt and looking for ways to set up on over grown fields with young trees that aren't big enough yet to support a climber. I would...