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  1. Gronk

    What was for dinner

    Delicious looking and healthy 👍
  2. Gronk

    PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t"

    Thanks for sharing the video. I’m sure the government and msm will say this is a one off. Would be great to see a few more of these come out to corroborate her story. Then again, I’m sure they would be labeled loons and lose their jobs as well. Bravo to her for having the guts to do this!
  3. Gronk

    Quick chicken breast in the oven

    Why ya gotta go do that BB? Looks delish
  4. Gronk

    ? for the .223 shooters

    Any other suggestions on factory ammo? May be able to ride around on Sunday and check to see who has ammo. Other than that, may just shop online. Shooting out of a 16” barrel with 1:9 twist
  5. Gronk


    Not into the romance stuff on TV
  6. Gronk


    So when is it on???? I wanna check out all these hot, lazy, good for nothins that need a good old fashioned butt whoopin
  7. Gronk


    I can picture chuck and unicorn sitting on the couch together, each on their own device, going through threads on the forums. Unicorn shaking her head and slapping chuck upside the back of his head when he posts something embarrassing
  8. Gronk


    What night and time? Glad chuck is always looking out 😁
  9. Gronk

    ? for the .223 shooters

    DA, are those handloads?
  10. Gronk

    ? for the .223 shooters

    Following as this is what my 11 year old will be hunting with his first time. Didn’t really want to invest in a new rifle in case it’s one season and done
  11. Gronk

    What’s your current dog look like

    What’s on the wall in the background chuck???
  12. Gronk

    First ever hog hunt for me

    Probably good you got him before his next dentist appointment
  13. Gronk


    There’s still an open loophole for Delta 8, sold over the counter. If you wanted to give that a try I’d gladly pick some up and ship it to you no charge
  14. Gronk

    Motorcycles, let’s see them

    Guessing you enjoy off-roading
  15. Gronk

    FDA Expert: Covid Vaccines Kill More Than They Save

    I personally don’t know anyone who has died one way or the other
  16. Gronk

    Do this, covid topic

    Utterly stupid comment OP. When someone you know and/or love has a preventable disease and is left in a parking lot to die let us know your feelings then. Imbecilic
  17. Gronk


    I resemble that remark 😂
  18. Gronk


    Spoken like a true hater 😡. Only the best QB to ever play the game and the rings to prove it. Rich…yes, but took many a pay cut to allow others surrounding him to be paid handsomely. That’s a winner! No gave go wax your eyebrows. Mom just said you couldn’t shave them
  19. Gronk


    Somebody’s getting some jam 🙄