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  1. TN-Hunter

    Food Plots Brassicas or not

    I planted forage collards and kale last year right beside a mix of winter wheat and crimson clover. The deer actually preferred the collards and kale especially after the cold weather hit in November. I couldn't keep deer off of it.
  2. TN-Hunter

    Food Plots Yellow Rocket in food plot.

    That's an invasive mustard plant which is in the brassica family. It is a noxious week that tends to get mixed into other brassica seed/mixes incidentally which is probably how it got into your plot. Bad thing is deer don't eat it. Best control method is to mow before seed matures. You can also...
  3. TN-Hunter

    Food Plots Seed Source

    Merit Seed has lots of options and ships to your front door for reasonable price.
  4. TN-Hunter

    Food Plots crimson clover

    They are hitting my crimson clover in my blend of winter wheat and tiller radish. My plot is only about an inch tall now. Hopefully this warm weather will kick the plot back to growing.
  5. TN-Hunter

    Your first bird

    I believe the year was 2000. I was a thirteen year old fella who had killed a fare share of sparrows with my red rider BB gun and thought I could translate my skills into bagging a big ole Tom. Tools for the job would be my Dad’s old 870 designed for duck hunting (long barrel and full choke)...
  6. TN-Hunter

    Anyone hunt Alabama WMA: James D. Martin Skyline

    I've deer and turkey hunted James D Martin / Skyline growing up (turkey more than deer). It's probably been 10 years since I've really been out there. You will be in the foothills of Appalachia, up/down with flats/benches and rock ledges. Stick to the thick cover with cane and cedars. The mature...
  7. TN-Hunter

    Food Plots crimson clover

    End of April to early May