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  1. Mud Creek

    First for me

    Also got into some woodies
  2. Mud Creek


    This showed up on my FB memories yesterday from last year, I did some seared dove breast with a radish chimichuri. Going to have to do this one again.
  3. Mud Creek

    Goose Silhouettes?

    Would a spread of only silhouettes work or does there need to be some full bodies and/or shells mixed in?
  4. Mud Creek

    Onion Bombs

    Tries these yesterday with prime rib burgers. Smoked at 275-300. They were pretty good. I will try them again at some point but not as good as a regular grilled burger with the fixins
  5. Mud Creek


    Did some fillets in Andy's but had to do one whole.
  6. Mud Creek

    We were Both Craving Turkey

    So we compromised. Good sized female came right in to the call
  7. Mud Creek

    Catch and release

    In the grease!
  8. Mud Creek

    Not a bad morning

    Caught a few from 8:30-10:30
  9. Mud Creek

    And to think

    This is going to be my first year putting in for a blind. LOL
  10. Mud Creek

    From the Road

    Saw these 2 guys beside the road
  11. Mud Creek

    Good Eatin'

  12. Mud Creek

    Age Guess?

  13. Mud Creek

    Pond bass

    I went to my pond to catch bluegill and kill time. Hooked into a little one and this big boy came and swallowed him down! 6lb line and a 1/32 oz crappie jig made it pretty fun!
  14. Mud Creek


    poppers are great but tried something different. Seared Dove with chimichuri sauce. Really good!
  15. Mud Creek

    Zucchini Flowers

    Stuffed with mozzarella, batter dipped and fried in the skillet. We used: 1 3/4 cup AP Flour 1 tbsp kosher salt 12 oz beer(club soda also works just good) Rince flowers off and make sure there are no bugs then let dry. Stuff with mozzarella(or ricotta)then into the batter. Sprinkled them with...
  16. Mud Creek


    We went and got into a few and 1 lone shell cracker the other day. Had a fish fry last night, did some in beer batter, some in Andy's cajun, some the good ol' fashion way but the best were grilled on the weber kettle with blackened seasoning. I had never had bluegill that way but it won't be the...
  17. Mud Creek

    From field to plate

    Great opener this year
  18. Mud Creek

    Chicken Parm

    Pizza. Saw this recipe and had to try it it turned out great. This is also a good idea for anybody on that keto diet...not that I am I just thought it looked good!
  19. Mud Creek

    Fish tacos

    Grilled up some blackened fish tacos and rice with some hatch Chile sauce and a little sriracha.
  20. Mud Creek

    Chicken Lollipops

    Trim up drum sticks removing the tendons. Season with what you like. I used a honey powder rub and smoked paprika. Smoked indirect on the Weber kettle at 300 degrees for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Dunked them in blues hog bbq sauce, added more coals to get temps to about 375 and grilled direct...