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  1. BuckWild

    Visited my first Cannabis Dispensary

    Thrive Dispensary in Metropolis,IL In an old Chevy dealer location. Super modern interior, lots of friendly staff and very professionally ran. They have little computer screens set up that allow you to view and choose your product, add it to your cart and checkout. Then they pull your order...
  2. BuckWild

    Embedded Link text color

    Any way to make the link text red or some other color different from the normal text color. something to identify it as a link that is clickable. Thanks
  3. BuckWild

    Unbelievable!!! Lifeguard Can't Save Older Hippie Looking Dude...

    he was just too far out man.
  4. BuckWild

    Just a little spot...

    in my left ear. It would bleed every now and then when I dried my ear after a shower. Kinda looked like a little white spot when it wasn't scabbed over. Well went to the dermatologist yesterday because my wife was on my azz to have a dark mole on my back looked at. Turned out it wasn't a...
  5. BuckWild

    New Johnsonville Steam Plant Implosion

    It took a Dirt Nap... Implosion Video
  6. BuckWild

    Snake ID

    Caught these two gettin it on in my front yard. I know what kind of snakes they are. Who wants to take a guess? Click on the pic for a full size view.
  7. BuckWild

    Are Stupid People The Only Ones Breeding????

    Trying to help my Mom out with her mini storage business. She has several units to be auctioned off. We are taking sealed bids on the units. I placed a well worded description with all the details and steps to go about making an appointment to view and bid on the units. How long we would be...
  8. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired Two boxes Federal Game Load 16 GAUGE Shotgun shells

    One box is 7 1/2 shot. One box is 8 shot 1 oz shot 2 1/2 dram eq $15 a box Located between Camden and Interstate 40 in West Tennessee Sorry no shipping
  9. BuckWild

    Interesting Tennessee history lesson

    Never knew about this. Civil War Massacre At Sinking Cane
  10. BuckWild

    Birdsong Creek This Morning

    Solid sheet of ice. Deer were out walking on it yesterday. I went down to my dock and walked out on the ice about 10 feet from the bank and it's pretty thick.
  11. BuckWild

    First TnDeer Robo Deer Presentation

    Someone in the Old Timers thread mentioned the Robo Deer Donation that we did back in the early 2000's. This is the first one we presented to the TWRA on May 7, 2004. Maybe you know some one that got busted by old Bucky Boy...LoL
  12. BuckWild

    Tennessee Number 1 again

    TN Leads U Haul Migration Trends In One Way Rentals
  13. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired WTB 16 gauge shotgun shells

    Just looking for a couple of boxes. If anyone has some to get rid of or knows where there are some in a store, I'd be interested. Have 12 ga and 20 ga to trade also. Located about halfway between Jackson and Nashville off I-40. Willing to drive if not too far. TIA
  14. BuckWild

    Just Got Back From Christian County KY...

    The rut is wide open up there. We killed two 10 points a 9 point and an 8 point over the weekend. They weighed 195, 199, 200 and 202 lbs. Bucks chasing everywhere. That is all.
  15. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired Medium sized commercial safe $300

    This is a commercial pharmaceutical narcotics safe made by the Gary Safe Company. Has four metal drawers on roller slides that are fully removable. Locks with a combo and key. I believe the fire rating on this is 90 minutes. Measures 32.5 inches tall, 24 inches deep and 22 inches wide. Not...
  16. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired Mathews Z7 setup SOLD SOLD

    Due to getting old and having worn out rotator cuffs, I'm selling my Mathews Z7 setup. Mathews Z7 set for 28 inch draw and 65 lbs Schaffer Drop Away Arrow Rest Schaffer Opposition 4 pin sight One dozen Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 Arrows. Some will need refletching Fletch Hunter...
  17. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired Minn Kota Edge 55 trolling motor Foot control SOLD

    Sold donation sent.
  18. BuckWild

    Tagged out in Kentucky

    Went up to Kentucky Thursday to hunt a farm that we have permission to hunt on. My hunting partner got to his ground blind Thursday afternoon about 2:45 and ten minutes later a buck comes by chasing a doe. He dropped him at 50 yards. He had 14 points over an inch long and a third horn growing...
  19. BuckWild

    Three antlered deer spotted in Michigan "One in a Million"

    What do you think he'd score? :pop: Changed the link. For whatever reason the Fox link died.
  20. BuckWild

    Sold/Expired Two Summit Goliath Climbing Stands

    Two Stands for sale. First one is older with the old style cable latch system. Has some paint loss on the frame. Has the climbing stirrups, pads, seat and straps. Killed a ton of deer out of this one. $150 Second one is the newer style cable latch system. I used this stand maybe 10 -12...