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  1. beefydeer

    Walking in to the stand

    I am bored and ready for season to start so I was wondering, who walks into the stand or hunting spot in the dark and who waits until it is light enough to see and hunt their way in? It does concern me when I walk to my stand in the dark and spook deer. Will that deer come back or are they...
  2. beefydeer

    Lawsuit filed... Hope the link works. Obion County High School Fishing Team boat that went through Pickwick Dam last spring.
  3. beefydeer

    Next to be cancelled...

    Now they are cancelling Speedy Gonzalez. It creates a stereotype of Mexicans being drunk and lethargic. Geez...sad state of the country. And we are only 2 months in to the admin.
  4. beefydeer

    Sold/Expired 1998 Ford Ranger

    I am selling my 1998 Ford Ranger. It is automatic, 4 cylinder with 192,000 miles on it. The heater works good but the A/C probably just needs to be gassed up. Rear tires are good. Front tires are pretty wore. AM/FM radio with cassette player. Manual windows and locks. Does not have cruise...
  5. beefydeer

    Help with killing Bermuda grass

    I have a small new flower bed and the Bermuda is trying to take it over. I have sprayed with Roundup from Co-op 4 times and then they suggested some expensive stuff called Hi Yield. 16 oz was $42. It didn’t work. Give me some suggestions that have worked for you guys Thanks
  6. beefydeer

    How is the best way to...

    remove the calcium flakes from inside the water heater. We have very hard water and I have to change the lower element in my water heater about 3 times a year due to the calcium building up on them. I have tried to get them out with a shop vac and some tubing, and that works ok, but it doesn't...
  7. beefydeer

    Sling TV

    Thinking about swapping over. Can anyone tell me about their experience with it?
  8. beefydeer

    Please age

  9. beefydeer

    Sold/Expired 15 gallon pull behind sprayer

    I am selling my 15 gallon pull behind sprayer. It has a 4 ft. wide boom and a wand for spraying by hand. I'm asking $200 for it. I'm located in Obion County.
  10. beefydeer

    All woodies

    16 Saturday and 10 today at the Foot.
  11. beefydeer

    Local boy has success

    Union City native John Garrett, a member of Bethel University fishing team, just won the college classic bracket on Kentucky Lake. He automatically qualifies for the Bassmaster Classic next March in Texas. Congrats to him.
  12. beefydeer

    New Tennessee Titan GM

    Titans just named Union City, TN native Jonathan Robinson new GM. First order of business: new coach.
  13. beefydeer

    Chattanooga acvice

    The wife and I are going to Chatt in a couple of weeks for our 20th. Would appreciate any advice on places to eat. Want to stay away from the chain places and get some of the local flavor. Thanks for the help!!
  14. beefydeer

    Truck question

    I have a 2002 ford f150 fx4 xlt supercrew. When I turn the switch to engage the fwd nothing happens. No light, no clicks, nothing. Could this be as simple as a fuse or is this major? Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. beefydeer

    Sold/Expired NW TN lease

    Interested in a lease in Obion, Weakley, Henry, or Carroll counties. Thanks.
  16. beefydeer

    Youth hunt

    If the youth is 16 at the beginning of deer season but turned 17 in Dec. can he participate in the last youth hunt in January?