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    SxS battery?

    Battery was dead on SxS. Took to Autozone, and they said that it was good. Took home, trickle charged it for few hours, put back in and she started right up. A week later, won't start. Is the battery bad, or could there be another issye?
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    I sure don't want to jinx it, but this could possibly ...

    be one of the best dove openers in several years, at least weather-wise. Cloudy and mid 70s SHOULD have the birds flying early. I have to work a couple of hours this morning, then we'll head to the field to be set up watching for the clock to strike 12:00. To others going out, good luck and...
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    I now know why so many don't want the vaccine!

    They're afraid of needles :D ! If this was posted before I missed it.
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    Standard drill-type or right angle impact driver?

    I have had the standard drill type for a while and use it from time to time. I recently purchased a right angle one to flip on ebay, but after checking it out I'm wondering if I'd be better off keeping it and selling the other one. I checked YouTube and didn't see a comparison video, so what...
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    Anyone familiar with Funko Pops?

    :D Just something else that reselling has opened the door. I had never heard of them until 2-3 weeks ago. Now I have probably a dozen that I need to get listed on ebay. One lady at the 127 sale had half a garage full of them. When I asked why she had that many, she tried to explain it, but...
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    Hwy 127 sale anyone?

    Gonna be fun!
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    Is it still OK to post something NOT Covid related in this forum?

    I can watch this over and over :D !
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    Sold/Expired Arctic Shield Boot Insulators

    Not as bulky as Boot Blankets. Can drop a hand warmer in if needed. Fold up for easy carry. Sz Medium. $25 shipped if paid via PayPal. $20 pickup in Crossville.
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    Anyone need a portable shooting house?

    Has AC!
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    Gun safes exempt from sales tax!

    Has this been posted? I saw it on a local radio stations news page. Gun Safes and Safety Equipment, July 1, 2021- June 30, 2022: During this holiday, which lasts an entire fiscal year, gun safes and specified gun safety devices sold at retail are exempt from sales tax. Read more about the gun...
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    How many times have you...

    mowed the same yard? Yes that was my thought while mowing earlier. Of course it correlates to how long have you lived in your current house? This is our first and only house that we have lived in. It's been almost 30 years. We have no plans of ever moving. But, back to mowing, I guess I avg...
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    Is something wrong with this doe?

    Don't think I've ever noticed the veins on the nose like this.
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    Is there a way to increase the font size?

    I got a new phone (Galaxy S10) , and the fonts are smaller than my old phone. Is there a setting somewhere where it can be adjusted?
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    <Sorry these are gone> Anybody need a set of New Michelins?

    I would put it in classifieds, but he wants them gone soon, so figured I'd give someone a shot here. These would be almost half of what you would pay elsewhere. 4 Michelin Defender LTX 107T 245/70R16 I am now working for a fellow that owns some car repair shops. He has accumulated some...
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    I believe I would change my name!

    Had I had this name, I'm sure I would have had to have dealt with all of the wisecracks, etc., over they years and overcame the humiliation. But why would you potentially subject your children or spouse to such. Just change it! I just printed an eBay label to ship something that he bought...
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    Making assumptions/jumping to conclusions?

    I realize that it happens in every day life, but I seem to notice it a LOT on here. A perfect example is the Eli thread. Someone asks a question, some very small bits of info gets posted, and then some take it as gospel and spout off ramblings that make them look foolish when all of the...
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    Britches Winter?

    Never heard of such, but I guess we just experienced it. Yesterday was COLD! We planned to have a get-together at our family cabin. I was going to take the SxS and play some corn hole. Scratch that! We stayed inside with the low 50s and steady wind.
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    Blackbeard. Robots?

    I was scrolling on phone and looking at whi is online. At the bottom it had 60 members and several guests, but also had 300+ robots. What are those?
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    Opryland USA?

    Who remembers? I had forgotten a lot of the rides, but this video reminded me.
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    ATV Issue!

    You guys seem to know everything else, so I'll throw this out there. 2005 Honda Rincon that we keep at our cabin. The battery was dead, so my dad and brother-in-law were trying to jump start it from the truck battery. It would start, but not stay running, as it is sometimes hard to get it...