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  1. Remington742

    Warning Ranting: when it rains it pours

    What brand fridge? A friend of mine had his fridge that was 5 months old go out. He bought the extended warranty they came to look at the fridge and said it would be 3 or 4 months before they could fix it and refused to replace the fridge he lost alot of food because of this.
  2. Remington742

    Did Eli get grounded

    I normally wouldn't post in one of these threads and I don't post alot in general but I have to agree with everyone else here I understand the rules but is this not a public forum? You do not have to have an account to read anything on If everything on tndeer is so bad no one under...
  3. Remington742

    Spray in Bed liner

    Theres a line-x place in tullahoma TN that usually isn't to bad about wait times.
  4. Remington742

    Not seeing general forum

    My dad has an account but cannot see the general or political forum now is this normal? He doesn't post but like to look at all things tndeer.
  5. Remington742

    Which year dodge truck to buy?

    I don't personally own them but I know alot of people like the 1st gen and 2nd gen 12 valve cummins in standard shift.
  6. Remington742

    Middle school

    I agree with what everyone else has said. Am I a great example no not by any means. We all sin there is no person who is perfect and there is no sin any worse than another but as a Christian we must try our hardest to show our faith. When it comes to school I'm sad to say highschool will not be...
  7. Remington742

    Shout out to officer Josh of TWRA

    I know the officer I sent him a screen shot of your post and let him know you appreciated his help.
  8. Remington742

    New Appliances

    From a plumbing standpoint speed queen is one of the best you can get whirlpool is pretty good but speed queen still beats them out.
  9. Remington742

    Truck not keeping a charge issues continue

    Do you have anything plugged into the cigarette lighter in the truck every ford I've messed with has them on 24/7 which can cause battery draw. As the others have mentioned start pulling fuses with a multimeter and see which one is draining the battery. Another option is to put a battery cut-off...
  10. Remington742

    Sink Repair (hey plumbers or good DIYers)

    Price fister is bad about that and getting parts is about impossible. If you ever change faucets use delta delta has lifetime warranty just call and they send the parts specific to your faucet. Delta also has far fewer different cartridges to pick from. Where I live delta parts are sold at...
  11. Remington742

    Death row meal

    Fresh killed wild doves wrapped in bacon off the grill with a side of grilled venison back strap and deer heart.
  12. Remington742

    Milwaukee ratchet?

    I have the m12 3/8 ratchet I've only used it a couple of times but has worked good for me and seems to be pretty sturdy.
  13. Remington742

    Food Plot experts

    I've tried this method before in my plots as well but the deer never seemed to care for them where I live so stopped adding the money on mine and spent it on clover I have in the last few years added winter peas and the deer and turkeys love them.
  14. Remington742

    Food Plot experts

    Don't touch it for now once the crimson clover dies off mow it. If you replant I suggest a wheat, crimson, and ladino clover mix. The crimson will grow this time of year and when you mow it your ladino will come in for the rest of summer into the fall giving you clover longer. Also if you...
  15. Remington742

    Stihl ms170 chain saw question

    I've used the 170 great saw for small stuff but would personally suggest a ms250 its a little heavier but cuts better on small stuff and still has the power to handle bigger stuff if needed.
  16. Remington742

    1979 Ford F-250 am fm radio

    @timberjack86 is right lmc trucks go on there website and get the catalog for your specific truck and they'll send you a book with just about every part that goes on the truck. I ordered one for my 94 dodge and the book has more parts in it than I can find anywhere else that you can order brand...
  17. Remington742

    Something cool that you did as a kid

    Like alot of yall I shot for 4h when I was in middle into highschool. My first year my coach wanted me to do all three archery events they had. So I ended up shooting recurve, open compound, and genesis in the same day I was worn out by the end. I placed second in recurve and open and thrid in...
  18. Remington742

    Car Battery

    Duralast gold the last two of them I've replaced have been 10+ years old
  19. Remington742


    Alien gear or crossbreed. The crossbreed takes a week or two for break in with leather after that it's super comfortable.