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    Memphis interstate shooting

    Guess it was bound to happen. I witnessed a shooting on the interstate tonight. Driving to work and not paying much attention to my surroundings when the car in front of me unloads 5-10 rounds into the car in the left lane. Before I realized what was happening the shooter and another car were...
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    Finally got a chance to go fishing. Spent the past few days in Hot Springs at my in-laws and the crappie were stacked up pretty good under their dock. Bream are starting to bed up and should be on fire next week when I go back. Kept 10 nice crappie and 8 big bream. Threw back even more. My 2...
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    Anyone else been following the stock? Retail investors using Reddit’s wallstreetbets sticking it to hedge funds that have shorted the stock. Pretty fascinating stuff.
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    Sold/Expired WTB .17 HMR ammo

    Looking to buy some .17 hmr ammo in west TN. Anyone have any or know where I can find some?
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    First big tech now credit cards?

    Looks like some credit card companies and even AT&T are getting behind blocking donations to republicans who opposed the electoral vote...
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    Memphis HVAC help

    Woke up to my downstairs freezing cold this morning. After troubleshooting I found that my ignitor was cracked. Simple fix but I can’t find anyone with one. Anyone in this area know where I can find one on a Saturday? I could order one but it won’t be here for a few days.
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    Arkansas opener

    Anyone else headed over for the weekend? Got everything mostly packed and ready to roll out about noon tomorrow. Not many things I look forward to more. Good luck to everyone this season!
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    The social dilemma

    Anyone seen it? It’s a new documentary on Netflix about social media platforms and how they are controlling our minds. Highly recommend sitting down and watching it with your kids if they have any social media.
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    TN Democrat Rep John Deberry

    This guy gets it! ... we-become/ ... ical-life/
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    Sold/Expired WTB pontoon for duck blind

    Looking for 22 foot or bigger toons and deck. Anyone got an old pontoon sitting in the backyard they want to get rid of?
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    Candace Owens

    Lengthy video but definitely worth the watch. ... 870461345/
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    Lonestar tick help

    Just found one attached to my hip. Took a shower last night and pretty certain it wasn’t there. It wasn’t engorged at all so I’m thinking it was there less than 8 hours. Does it matter how long it’s been there? Do I need to go to the doc? Any helpful info appreciated.
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    Motion decoys

    Alright guys. We’re looking at investing in some motion decoys for next year. Right now we run a mallard machine and some days a few robos. What all do y’all run? We are seriously considering buying a duck thang. Anyone have one?
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    Arkansas bound

    About to head out the door. Anyone else headed over? We’ve got high hopes for the weekend. Good luck to everyone!
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    Migrating geese

    Thought this was pretty incredible. I wouldn’t think snows would already be that far south.
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    Major Trevor Joseph ... 813140002/ Dozens gathered Tuesday in Collierville to welcome home fallen solider Maj. Trevor Joseph. The 33-year-old died Thursday in an aviation accident at Fort Polk, Louisiana. He is survived by his wife, Erin Joseph. "Trevor was the greatest...
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    Mallard Machine

    Probably a long shot but I have a brand new mallard machine motor I’m going to attempt to use this year. Only problem is I have the motor with prop and nothing else. Mojo quit making the parts a while back so does anyone have an old one laying around they don’t use anymore? Really looking for...
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    Whole home generators?

    Anyone have one? Pros and cons? Best brands? I’ve been considering getting one for a while now and am wondering if it is really worth the money. Would love to have one that runs off natural gas and never have to worry about my power going out again.
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    Battery powered socks?

    Anyone use them? Older I get the harder it is to stand in freezing water to kill a duck. I’ve got a few different pairs of insulated socks but on those windy 25 degree days I need something more. What are some good brands? A quick google produced a ton of different types with price ranges from...
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    TN river around savannah??

    Anyone duck hunt this area? Do any good? Looking at some land up that way that looks like you could kill a few ducks on....less than a mile from the river.