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    Tucker: NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets

    Pretty sure the previous admin couldn’t do anything without being undermined by leaks to those reporters.
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    Work Time Lapse: ø1-1/2” Rope Splice

    What can the steel wire and chain handle? Pretty amazing the rope can handle that much.
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    Work Time Lapse: ø1-1/2” Rope Splice

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    Memphis interstate shooting

    No idea. An officer called me about 5 minutes after my call to 911 and was trying to locate the victims car. I haven’t seen any news about it so I’m assuming they never found them.
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    Memphis interstate shooting

    I see it every night. Like others have said just to have a better description and maybe even a tag number. Probably the way they ended up catching this guy…
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    Memphis interstate shooting

    10:15 pm
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    Memphis interstate shooting

    240 between Perkins and Getwell. No idea if it was gang related but the more I replay it in my mind the less I feel it was random.
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    Memphis interstate shooting

    Guess it was bound to happen. I witnessed a shooting on the interstate tonight. Driving to work and not paying much attention to my surroundings when the car in front of me unloads 5-10 rounds into the car in the left lane. Before I realized what was happening the shooter and another car were...
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    New Bronco

    Brother in law sent me this one yesterday. Not crazy about the color but I want one.
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    Used car prices

    Carvana is paying good money for used cars right now. Pretty quick and easy way to see how much your car is worth. My sister in law sold her 2014 GMC Terrain with 120k miles to them for 13k. A/C didn’t work and it hadn’t been cleaned in at least 2 years. They cut her a check and the only...
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    Bad father at Moose Lodge update, karma is hell

    Damn. In and out quicker than a doctors office visit.
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    New Vehicle throwbacks

    I think Ford just started delivering the new bronco. Brother in law just sent me this one. The bronco sport has been out for a few months and I agree, it’s ugly.
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    Wife in Labor

    Congrats! I don’t think they consider 8lbs 6oz “little” for a baby…
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    Wife in Labor

    Prayers everything starts moving along. With our last son we experienced something similar. My wife was having unbearable contractions on a Saturday afternoon so we packed our bags and headed to the hospital. The nurses called the on call doctor and she told them to send us home. We left and...
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    Found out something important about my Tundra 4x4 today.

    I had to help my sister with a flat last week. Her new minivan doesn’t have a spare, jack, or tire iron. Only a mini air compressor with fix a flat. No help when you have a 2 inch cotter pin stuck in the sidewall. My tire iron was too big for her lugs and her car with a flat was to low for my jack.
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    BLM Smashed Car Window in a Toddler’s Face Avoids Jail

    You obviously don’t have kids. Putting a car seat in the middle of the backseat is about the most unstable place you can put one.
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    AMC Rocket

    If it’s ok for hedge fund BILLIONAIRES to short a company into the ground I have no problem with a bunch of degenerates scalping some money while they can.
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    My angel

    What it’s all about right there!
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    You want to know why. ?

    Whenever I hear someone talk about wanting to go I tell them that story. I will never go back.
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    You want to know why. ?

    The cartels run Mexico. It’s a death wish to go against them. I’ll never forget walking down the main strip in Cancun and being approached by multiple drug dealers asking if I wanted any weed, pills, ecstasy, or blow. Cops weren’t 20 yards away.