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  1. Popcorn

    Leveling a duck hole!

    or you have no idea how much dirt 18 inches over 8.4 acres is till you move it. We cut half and filled half (approximately) to finish with level east to west and 1% slope north to south. Also reinforced and raised levees while widening the base and reducing levee slope for better servicing and...
  2. Popcorn

    Heritage Turkey Poults

    I had a great Hatch this year. I think some hatched twice, I have way too many poults. I have 25 to sell I will make a great deal if someone takes all. These are 7 miles north of the Tennessee / Kentucky line between Cadiz, KY and Bumpus Mills, TN. Raised as organic but not certified. Non gmo...
  3. Popcorn

    Fawn losses

    o There are countless conversations about fawn recruitment, predation by yotes, dogs, buzzards and more but I dont see a lot of conversation on losses due to flys, fleas and ticks. This little guy has no chance of survival as every oraface is covered with ticks or fly eggs, the fleas are...
  4. Popcorn

    Wings my way

    Sweet and spicey finished beside the heat of a scaly bark hickory! mmmm mmm mmmmmmm served with a pile of potato salad and some deviled eggs with dill pickles and a salad fresh from the garden. I'm done--- headed to the couch!
  5. Popcorn

    Interesting new property

    Started on a new property today. A very interesting multi use diverse and needy piece on the Cumberland river in Stewart County. It will be managed for all wildlife and includes duck holes, wetlands, mature hardwoods, thickets, plenty of ground for plots and native cover for large and small...
  6. Popcorn


    I saw a brood of 10 in KY yesterday (05/19/21) and 8 in Tennessee today (05/20/21) neither could have been more than a couple days old.
  7. Popcorn

    Turkey season is also turkey season

    Amongst everything else I raise heritage turkeys. My extended family eats a lot of turkeys.
  8. Popcorn

    Nobody seems to be talking about

    next school year and for the next 10 school years your 13 / 14 year old daughters could be entering high school as freshmen with 20 and 21 year old young men as juniors and seniors. Your 13 / 14 year old sons could be playing football against 20 / 21 year old young men. Just as your young teens...
  9. Popcorn

    Hell has frozen

    Hell has frozen so cold its snowing in paradise...
  10. Popcorn

    First load of spring calves

    Picked up 6 heifers (435 lb avg) and 5 steers (485 lb avg) tuesday at the Hopkinsville sale barn. I usually try to get smaller calves but these had good frames and were a little thin so they should gain weight fast on my red clover and orchard grass. Wasnt able to make the guthrie, ky sale today...
  11. Popcorn


    Working today to clear a water gate that was clogged by beavers, had to get out in the hole and reach into the mud, sticks, weeds and grasses to pull it out manually. while doing this some unseen thing stung me on the hand, hurt as bad as a wasp sting but faded quickly. Little swelling but my...
  12. Popcorn

    For you guys in bear country

    I have hunted where there was a little bear sign several years ago, Fentress, Overton counties before they became common there. Never encountered one and really was not concerned, Was also much younger then. Now the possibility of a management property with a known population. What are your...
  13. Popcorn


    They are up and growing now and they are easy to kill right now. If you war with thistle annually get started late march to get ahead. Anything growing now already has established root systems from prior years and will be a seeding stalk!. I like crossbow for a spot spray quick kill, use a...
  14. Popcorn

    Lockstep! The control... No dissent???

    I fail to grasp the conformity of it all. How or what is the control device here? At this point there are thousands if not tens of thousands of complicit persons in the know, no more than "in the know" Accomplices is more accurate that are fully aware of details past, present and future...
  15. Popcorn

    Identify please

    found this about 800 yards from the power plant at cumberland city. It was by a pond just north of the duck holes on the north side of the river but with the osprey and eagles this could have traveled. I dont know this fish, do yall?
  16. Popcorn

    Quality Habitat Management ie; controlled burns

    Burning native and natural grounds, pine stands and thinned hardwood hollows is one of the best things we can do to produce better habitat and preferred native browse. These burns will be a great source of food for all of our wildlife and a renewed flush of cover. We have burned over 600 acres...
  17. Popcorn

    Seed potatoes!

    Told by a couple retailers today to get my seed potatoes now. They said orders were short and suppliers are telling them to expect shortages.
  18. Popcorn

    Chicken Killer down!

    3 weeks, 1 coon, 2 possums and 16 chickens and finally the carnage may be over. I laid down a carpet of traps to insure I got him.
  19. Popcorn

    Clover addicts

    I have seen deer dig to eat. I have watched them dig up turnips and other foods but today I reviewed 10 acres of ladino clover they have dug all in the 6 plus inches of snow on top of the ice that fell first to uncover and eat. It looks like its been rooted up but no hogs here. So I watched and...
  20. Popcorn

    I have had just about

    enough of this crap!