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    Not seeing general forum

    My dad has an account but cannot see the general or political forum now is this normal? He doesn't post but like to look at all things tndeer.
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    Sold/Expired Quiet Kat

    2017 Quiet kat has 244 miles used for a year and a half deer hunting and turkey hunting has scratches from use but is mechanically sound and well taken care of. Battery has been maintained and comes with a saddle bag on the back and a front bag for equipment. The tires have liners in them to...
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    G5 dead meat broadheads?

    Does anyone shoot them if so what is yalls opinion on them?
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    Sold/Expired Ford Expedition 4x4 new price $4800

    Hey guys thought I'd post this up for y'all my mom is selling her expedition well taken care of and 87xxxmiles. ... 326941265/
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    1994 Dodge ram 1500 shifting question?

    Okay so my truck has done this three times in the last two days but only when I was coming up a hill in drive if I went up the hill and shifted from first to second then to drive it wouldn't do it. What it's doing is when I have it in drive when I start to pull the hill and then get to the top...
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    Sold/Expired WTB Atv

    Looking for a good condition Honda Foreman 4x4 may also think about Honda rancher 4x4. Prefer a manual foot shift.
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    Sold/Expired Iso summit open shot

    Im in search of a newer summit open shot may but may be interested in older one also.
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    Scope question

    Okay so I am shooting a 870 with a cantilever type scope mount with a Nikon prostaff slug hunter bdc scope on it. I have shot several brands of slugs through it and the slugs that group the best are shooting low at 25 yards and high at 50 does anyone know why this would happen. If it helps I did...
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    Rugers worst nightmare ... ost5957009
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    For the mechanics on here?

    My trucks tensioner pulley is moving when it starts and making a clicking noise but then it all stops and runs normal what is happening and how can I fix it.
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    Just what Ruger needs

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    Hazzard lights question?

    I have a 94 dodge 1500 and my hazzard lights won't work when I push the switch on the column but when they are on my turn signals don't work untill I turn off the flasher. What can I replace or fix that will make them work. Thanks in advance
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    Question about fort Campbell

    When can you sign up for the hunt and how many preference points do I need?
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    This is Ruger

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    Herculiner bedliner

    Do any of you guys have any experience with herculiner bedliner. What are your experiences with it and does it hold up good. Thanks in advance.
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    School me on Presidents Island

    Can y'all explain how long it takes to get drawn. I am thinking about putting in for it with some buddy's. We are going to do the party hunt. Is it better to do it as a party or as singles. I don't know much about how it works so any information would be great. Thanks.
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    Follow up on coon squallers

    What is the difference between a regular squaller and a electronic caller. Because wouldn't that proclamation mean that both can't be used or can one be and the other can't. I just want to make sure I understand this because it is kind of confusing.
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    On the coon squaller question

    My question is why is the electronic call illegal to use on racoons. Because according to the hunting guide it says you can't use an electronic call on fox's, waterfowl, and turkeys.
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    Truck Paint

    What is a good quality truck paint that y'all guys have used. I don't want something to expensive but will last.