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    Looks like a decent one hanging around!
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    Finally a decent day!

    Been struggling on the Tn River here around New Johnsonville for 2 years! Had a decent day to day! Maybe this is a sign the fish are building back up!
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    Special day in woods!

    Got er done this morning with my dads 20 gauge. Won’t forget this hunt!
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    Late season Buck

    Got on the board late this season. Been a strange year. Seen some deer just couldn't get it done for various reasons. Glad the Lord blessed me with this one!
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    Hen turkey??

    A buddy of mine found a hen sitting on an egg yesterday. Anyone ever heard of that this time of year??
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    Tagged out!!!

    Tagged out! Thank you Lord for a great season! Now please bless my son with one!
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    Blessed with pictures of deer!

    Lord blessed me this morning. Thank you Jesus! Proud to have this guy!
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    Buck tagged out!

    God blessed me again this year! All glory to Him!!
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    preacherman Got one!

    10 point before church! Headed out of woods when 2 does and this buck crossed 4- wheeler path. Shut off 4 Wheeler and one doe just stood looking at us. My Son seen the buck and other doe coming back to us and I slid over about 2 feet on my knees and all I could see was neck and head. Dropped Him...
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    Humphreys big bucks following pics

    Last week I reported I had seen little bucks following does well big boys are now and here is proof. 12 point hot on a does trail. Thank you Lord for this blessing! My biggest point wise to date!
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    Small bucks Humphreys Co.

    I seen two different cases of young bucks following and chasing does this morning. Just a little update.
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    Smoke pole rang!

    Lord blessed me this morning! Thank you Jesus! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First deer

    This young man got his first deer! Glad I was able to take him! Congrats Cam! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Meat on the ground!

    Shot an 8 point this morning. Would rather have had a big doe but never seen one so take what God blessed me with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Islam-what you need to know

    Hey guys and gals I know many of you do not read my devotions but I wanted you to know I am doing a series on Islam and what you need to know. The first one is below and you can find the rest if interested. We need to be aware of what Islam is about...don't be fooled! God bless. PMT What you...
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    Watch your mouth! Even during elections!!!!!

    Our county is having a major problem with this...though I would share this outside my devotion page today. Well folks our elections have come and gone. I probably should have wrote this long ago before the elections! God has warned us about our mouths and what they can do to others....are...
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    decent bass

    I caught this yesterday 3-10-14 on a crankbait on TN River...still a little slow but starting to pick up a bit. About a 6 lber. Thank you Lord!
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    Good eater buck!

    Lord blessed me with a 6 point yesterday evening. Deer did not have brow tines. Good size eater. Gave it to a friend who had not got a deer yet. God bless! PMT
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    Look at this giant buck!

    I hunt next to this game fence. This monster buck came in this morning on the other side of game fence. I have never seen a buck that big in there before. Tempt you to do wrong! Lol seen a small 6 and a spike on my side this morning.
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    Preachermantom Sermon Many have asked to hear one of my sermons so here it is for those interested.